Thin bed mortar has a "healthy" dry season

When laying tiles and slabs in modern construction almost exclusively thin-bed mortar is used because of its low construction height and its faster setting and durable dehydration. During drying, the water escapes from the mortar by evaporation. Artificial procedures can be harmful.

If possible, comply with the basic time window

The general drying time for a thin-bed mortar does not exist. The actual setting is dependent on the external conditions. Ideally, a thin bed mortar should set after 48 hours.

The two to six millimeter thick layer is influenced by the following factors:

  • Small width of joint mortar reduces evaporation area and increases time required
  • Humid air (from 70 percent) slows down the evaporation
  • Heating and sunbeams accelerate evaporation, but can quickly lead to damage

In order not to disturb the setting process, should be dispensed with all artificial accelerator during drying such as construction heaters and fans. If a sealing joint is planned, it should be done only two weeks after the processing of the thin-bed mortar.

Product Image: VanoVasaio / Shutterstock

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