Thin-bed mortar: faster work with certain building materials

Thin-bed mortars are commonly used with face stones, and significantly reduce masonry work. In addition, you also have some advantages in terms of construction. What are these, and what else is there to know about thin-bed mortar, read in this post.

Thin bed mortar for construction stones

Thin-bed mortars are always used where blocks are installed. Planes are made highly accurate and do not require mortar at the head, which is why only longitudinal joints must be mortared. Planes can be made of different materials.

  • Aerated concrete and Ytong are very common
  • Limestone bricks are often used as well
  • Brick tiles are rarer

Advantage of plan stones in the thin bed

  • The joint width is minimized, so that the possible thermal bridges
  • The work is much faster and easier
  • Solid construction with plan stones is often energetically the best option

Thin-bed mortar is applied exactly evenly with the mortar carriage in layer thicknesses between 2 and 6 millimeters. The joint thickness also depends on the grain size of the mortar and the building material, as well as on the planning.

Thin-bed mortar is available for every building material, the prices can be slightly different. In general, however, you can go from around 10 to about 20 EUR for most thin-bed mortar in 25 kg bag, some special products that are also suitable for laying tiles, but can also cost almost twice.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • A meanwhile well-proven online building materials trade with a relatively large assortment, interesting prices and many product information.
  • The specialist for all lightweight construction materials and the associated mortar variants as well as mortar slides and equipment.
  • An online building materials dealer, whose range includes some thin-bed mortar. Noteworthy above all the many information about the individual products.

That way you can save costs

In most cases, certain mortars are prescribed for certain building materials or specially adapted products are used. When building the wall you do not always have a big choice here. For general purposes, such as the laying of panels, price comparisons are worthwhile, however.

Tips & Tricks

It is always important that you use the right thin-bed mortar with the right properties for your project. Always make sure in advance what you need exactly.

Video Board: how to build a house with Thin Bed Mortar