To reinforce a too thin table top

There are two reasons why thinking about reinforcing a tabletop is considered. Either turns out during use that the plate bends or optical reasons, a basically undersized plate thickness is chosen from the outset. Reinforcement devices are made of wood, metal and wire.

Minimum strength and reinforcement methods

The three common ways to reinforce a table top are metal or wood frames, support rails and so-called cross-over tensioners. While wood needs a certain minimum thickness, even metal frames under one centimeter in thickness develop enormous load-bearing capacity. The rope cross clamps are an elegant alternative, but support the tabletop only in the middle.

The load capacity of a bendable table top depends on the material, the thickness and the free-floating distances. As a rule of thumb, conventional tables of minimum thicknesses from 18 millimeters can be assumed. Free-floating distances should not exceed eighty centimeters in all directions.

Wooden and metal frame

When constructing a wooden or metal frame, several types of installation and shapes are possible:

  • Rectangular frame with or without cross braces
  • Diagonal support strips in cross shape
  • Support beams or strips laid on the legs of the table
  • Support strips attached directly to the underside of the table top
  • Aufkantung or doubling the plate edges with reinforcing effect

The easiest to implement in artisanal reinforcement is a rectangular frame, which is provided with cross braces about every fifty centimeters. The frame can be attached to the table legs directly after the overlay.

The overlay on the table leg joints is another common mounting location. Either holders such as metal angles are screwed to the insides of the connecting boards or the upper edges of the boards are milled out on one side to insert the frame.

Supporting strips, boards or boards can be glued directly to wood or fiberboard. This protects the tabletop against warping and twisting.

Cross rope tensioner

A cylindrical attachment body made of metal is mounted under the center of the table top. Four wire ropes, which are fixed in the interior of the cylinder by screws, are stretched to the corners and hooked into screwed-on brackets.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, you can screw on, staple or glue metal strips of all kinds to reinforce tabletops. Look for suitable workpieces in the hardware departments of DIY stores.

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