Worth knowing about the roof overhang

The roof overhang can decisively influence the look of a house. Therefore, the width of the roof overhang is always a matter of personal taste. At the same time, of course, there are some building codes that deal with the roof overhang.

Protection of the outer wall

Thought the roof overhang is originally to protect the outer walls. In addition, the roof overhang in the past should prevent overheating of the house.

However, as the houses are now more insulated, the overhang has lost importance in this regard and has now become more of an optical element. In addition, the roof overhang on the house sides usually carries the eaves.

How wide can a roof overhang be?

In the first step, a roof overhang is always as wide as the host wants it to create a harmonious view of the roof and the overhang. Of course, this country is never so easy, because the width of the roof overhang is often prescribed as well as the eaves height.

While more freedom is granted in old construction areas outside of villages, in new development plans usually even the roof overhangs are given uniformly.

Roof overhang and property boundary

A favorite issue between neighbors is the roof overhang when it protrudes over the border. Basically, this is not allowed.

However, in the past the boundaries of the property were often not so well recognized or displayed incorrectly, so owners of older buildings can nowadays come into legal difficulties.

Gutter counts to the roof overhang

Many buildings, which are located close to each other, today no longer have the opportunity to plan a sufficiently wide roof overhang due to the prescribed thermal insulation measures. The gutter may no more than the roof overhang extend beyond the border.

Some building authorities allow exceptions when the neighbor gives his written consent. However, this also gives up its own rights to a frontier development. So this signature wants to be thoughtful.

Tips & Tricks

It is always useful to be good with your neighbors. But this is especially true for narrow land, where you have to build close to the property boundary. Here one can not even approach his own gutter to cleanse without a neighbor who is well-intentioned and must constantly ask for permission if you can Ladder wants to put up on the property of the neighbor.

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