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  • A third hand is a small holder with magnifying glass and retaining clips. When screwing or soldering on filigree computer boards or clocks she holds very small workpieces such as microchips.
  • There are models with integrated soldering iron holder or with a light on the magnifying glass. This improves the view while working immensely.
  • Classic third hands have a ball joint in the clip holder. But in more and more variants is instead a flexible "gooseneck" installed. This is less robust, but more flexible.

Third hand comparison 2018: third

So that you do not have to hold the loupe and soldering iron at the same time, there is the third hand as a soldering aid.

1. Who needs a third hand?

Third hand in view

The typical structure of a third hand:

Third hand comparison 2018: comparison

Anyone who handles very small objects, a third party can use hand with magnifying glass. The possible applications in which that small metal frame becomes a helping hand are briefly summarized in our third-hand comparison 2018:

1.1. Third hand as a soldering aid

When soldering small cable connections on circuit boards, it is helpful if you have both hands free: One hand leads the soldering iron, while the other reaches the soldering tin and the soldering iron Third hand safe and quiet the hot cables holds together.

Some Soldering Tools also have their own soldering iron holder and a solder pad integrated, but more in our purchase advice below.

Caution hot!

When soldering, do not touch the third hand with the soldering iron as little as possible, otherwise the holder heats up. If the third hand gets too hot, it may damage the board you are soldering to. But it is also possible that the solder does not hold because the cable was too hot.

If you are still looking for a soldering iron or a soldering station, we have also investigated these:

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1.2. Third hand as an assembly aid

Third hand comparison 2018: hand

To assemble the smallest parts, the third hand is perfect (pictured: Bresser's Third Hand).

But it does not have to be hot for a third party to make life easier. When gluing together filigree components, a third hand in model making is worth gold, This scope is often left out of hand in some third-party tests.

But as soon as you want to precisely create the finest structures on your model airplane with a camel hair brush, you will appreciate the magnifying glass with lighting. These are almost more important to modellers than the hold function, Those who are prone to shaky hands will often use both hands to brush.

1.3. Third hand as a collector's aid

Third hand comparison 2018: 2018

The third hand keeps collectors under a magnifying glass (Picture: Third Hand of ChiliTec).

The application options do not stop with the third hand as a soldering and assembly aid: Passionate coin or stamp collectors should also be interested in a third-hand test winner, to study your treasures in detail under the magnifying glass.

Although some collectors also use tweezers, the brackets of the third hand never wobble, but occasionally their own hands.

2. Purchase advice for the third hand

Before you rush for your next craft project to buy a third hand, we have some tips to help you get started:

2.1. Deep insights - magnifying glasses are needed

No matter which category of users you belong to: A magnifying glass is a duty of the third hand. If the magnifying glass is integrated with the small holder, it is particularly close to the work object and allows particularly good enlargements.

Do not grab indiscriminately when buying, even if a third hand is on offer at Obi or Hornbach, as models without a magnifying glass exist.

2.2. Brightly lit - illuminated magnifying glasses provide a clear view

Third hand comparison 2018: hand

LED included: With a built-in lamp, the work area is optimally illuminated (Pictured: Luniquz third hand).

The best third hand must not miss the illuminated magnifying glass. An integrated LED ensures perfect illumination of the small work area. In other models, the lamp is not installed in the magnifying glass, but mounted as an external lamp.

The non-integrated lights usually have a well adjustable "gooseneck"; a type of support, which we described in chapter 2.4. take up again in more detail. An external lamp is an advantage if you want to determine the angle of light yourself, If the lamp is integrated in the magnifying glass, you can not determine the angle.

2.3. soldering iron holder

If you want to save space as a hobby electrician on your home workbench, then an integrated soldering iron holder of the third hand is interesting for you. It is also located so the soldering iron within easy reachwhile concentrating entirely on the solder joint under the magnifying glass.

In addition, if a solder pad is embedded in the socket of the third hand, then you have a model in front of you, which will win some third-hand test for themselves; at least when it comes to soldering aids.

2.4. Ball or swan?

The central element of a third hand is the bracket with the brackets. These can be divided into two types: mounts with ball joint and those with so-called "gooseneck".

Clip-joint typeparticularities
ball joint

Third hand comparison 2018: hand

pretty tough

Joints last for many years

keeps you safe

can only hold very small items


Third hand comparison 2018: soldering

can also hold wide and sweeping objects

Easy to align arms

can take many angles

Joints are moderately stable

2.5. foot size

If you work on larger computer boards or electronic circuits, you will need to solder within housings, as not all boards have to be removed. In these cases proves to be a small holder as the most practical, Especially if the foot of the third hand is very small, the soldering aid fits more easily between cables and boards.

stableHowever, if you work mainly with a third hand at your desk or workbench, you should choose a large base, because a large foot also guarantees stability.

  • about 5 x 5 cm are normal
  • about 7 x 7 cm are medium
  • from 10 x 10 cm in size

3. Frequently Asked Questions about Third Hand

3.1. Can I build a third hand myself?

Third hand comparison 2018: 2018

Little Helper: The Third Hand (Pictured: Fancii LED 4).

With a lot of craftsmanship and a few clothespins, it is possible to build a solder holder yourself, but this is never as filigree and stable as a third hand HornbachReichelt or Bresser.

In addition, when creating your own, you have the problem of installing a magnifying glass with lighting. Here, the cost of parts and the overhead of construction exceed the cost-benefit ratio if you buy a cheap third party instead.

3.2. How much does a third hand with magnifying glass and light cost?

A cheap third hand can be found for less than 10 euros. There are already good models from manufacturers and brands such as Rolson, Silverline or Wentronic. The helping hand with magnifying glass and lamp costs about 15 euros, The LED does not push up the price, but in these models, the metal frame is usually processed high quality.

3.3. Will the third hand get hot while soldering?

Third hand comparison 2018: third

Loyalty Card Holder (Pictured: Wenctronic Third Hand with Magnifying Glass).

If you do not pay attention to soldering and touch the clamps on the third hand with the hot piston, will warm up the entire bracket, If the piston touches it long enough, then the third hand will be correspondingly hot.

If you burn yourself, you should treat the injured area immediately. The experts at Stiftung Warentest recommend cooling with cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.

3.4. Are there other forms and categories of the "third hand"?

Professional tinkerers sometimes have a big third hand in their workshops, which resembles a mounting arm of a robot factory (You may know them from car factories). This particular "third hand" has a mechanical wrist joint and a gripping cuff.

She sees by her articulated arm a real hand similar to the small soldering aid. However, the "helping arm" became too designed to hold larger workpieces and is rather an adjustable Schaubstock.

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