These costs are incurred for a garage door

In addition to the cost of purchasing the garage door assembly costs must be considered. Prefabricated kits save expenses for craftsmen, but in some cases structural additional work such as walls or cementing necessary. Price factors for the door are drive type, insulation and model type.

Gate types and materials

The basis for the total cost of a garage door is the purchase price. The three types of garage door, apart from wing door variants, are divided into the following categories in the standard dimensions for a private garage for a vehicle:

  • Swing Gates (cheapest available from 400 Euro)
  • Sectional doors (depending on equipment and model available from 600 euros)
  • Roller shutters (available from around 1000 euros

The next major price factor is the material from which the garage door is made. Plastic is the cheapest for all types of doors, the most affordable swing gates are usually made of sheet steel or aluminum. For garages with elements of a mix of materials such as glass and acrylic glass windows or ventilation grilles, these components usually cost between € 100 and € 200 extra.

Eigen- and foreign installation

Who buys a prefabricated kit for a garage door, has acquired the frame and the frame with. Depending on the type of installation, the attachment of the frame must be prepared or adjusted in some cases. This may result in additional costs for mortar, cement or substructure materials. The same applies to sealing work, for example on the lower edge of the garage door.

Installation costs for a garage door of course depend heavily on the conditions. Craftsmen calculate travel costs and depending on the size and design of the garage door, the time and personnel costs. A private garage door with a width of up to three meters should be installed and ready for operation by a craftsman in about four hours.

Garage doors cost so much

Swing gate made of single-walled sheet steel and manual drive
from 400EUR
Swing gate made of two-walled aluminum with insulation and manual operation
from 500EUR
Sectional door made of foamed plastic elements with motor drive
from 600EUR
Sectional door made of wood or metal elements with row of windows and ventilation grilles
from 800EUR
Roller shutter with roller shutter box and sheet metal or plastic blades with motor drive
from 1000EUR
Rolling door made of heavy sheet steel with tubular motor in the roller shutter box
from 1500EUR

Tips & Tricks

Expect about two-thirds of material and one-third assembly costs for installation, including ready-to-use installation.

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