That belongs to a drywall

For a drywall, a framework and gypsum boards are needed. In addition, the insulation and the vapor barrier must be observed. The framework may be a metal stud or a wooden stud. With the plasterboard you can also choose between various types. The main difference here is whether it is a gypsum board or an impregnated plasterboard. Non-impregnated panels are suitable for example for living rooms. Wet room panels are used, for example, for the bathroom.

The material list

CW profiles
UW's profile
mineral wool
PE film
Smallest material such as dowels, screws etc.

The stud work

The CW profiles are used for attachment to the wall. These are narrower than the UW profiles, which bring the stability through the use of a cross-brace. At the hardware store, both profiles are available in different thicknesses and lengths. They can be easily distinguished by their formations, from each other. Depending on the thickness of the wall, the width should be selected. The length can be easily cut to the correct length with a metal shears. When purchasing, it should be noted that the prices shown do not relate to the piece. As a rule, there are prices for the running meter.

The plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboards are mainly made from two materials. As the name suggests, on the one hand plaster and on the other a solid box. The gypsum core is enclosed by the firmly adhering cardboard. Only the transverse edges are not covered.
The plasterboard differed in two colors. So it's easier to see which ones you need for your purposes. These are DIN standardized plates marked with a code. Plasterboard panels whose visible side is white to yellowish and the back is gray are marked GKB or GKF. For the plasterboard construction board the designation GKB applies. GKF is a plasterboard fire protection panel.
If both the front and the back are greenish, it is an impregnated plasterboard construction board with the name GKBI and an impregnated plasterboard fire protection board GKFI. The impregnated plates are intended for use in humid rooms, such as the bathroom.

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