This price is reasonable for white wall paint

A look at the color assortment of a larger DIY store is enough to see that the prices for white wall paints stretch across a rather wide range. There are real cheap colors, but also apparent real luxury products that cost twice or three times as much. We take a close look at the prices and qualities to find out what sum to put on the table for which color.

How do the price ranges for white wall paint come about?

You certainly know this phenomenon: a 10-liter bucket of Alpina white costs around 40 euros, while the DIY store's own brand only makes up half of the price.

And if we turn our gaze from regular emulsion paint to exotics such as silicate and clay paint, the price differences will be much larger. One thing you should keep in mind in the price-performance comparison: The number of square feet that you can paint with a liter of paint.

The fertility in conjunction with the opacity shows you exactly what a wall paint really costs. Of the Opacity Class 1 paints, a single coat often suffices for a satisfactory result. In addition, a high yield, and you pay less per square meter than the "cheap".

These prices you pay for a high quality wall paint

chromaticityPrice per 10 kg (approx.)
high quality disperse color35 - 50 euros
favorable emulsion paint15 - 25 euros
high quality silicate paint55 - 65 euros
high quality silk latex paint50 - 60 euros
high quality lime paint50 - 70 euros
Lime color applied5 - 10 euros
high quality clay color40 - 70 euros

As you can see, emulsion paints are still among the cheapest industrially produced paints, even when it comes to high quality products. In contrast, pure silicate, lime and clay colors contain no artificial additives and are considered to be particularly environmentally friendly.

Tips & Tricks

Please note that under no circumstances does the rule apply: "The more expensive, the better." Even a comparatively cheap wall paint can be quite powerful, so it is always a good idea to take a close look at the product data.

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