Three safe ways to remove oil paint

In ancient times craftsmen used oil paints again and again to paint furniture, wood or even plastered walls. The great advantages of this coating agent are its long durability and the brilliant radiance of the colors, but unfortunately it can not be easily removed. We have tried three methods that give good to very good results - but patience and spit are always needed.

These methods can be used to remove oil paint from the substrate

Oil paints do not only contain hardening oils as binders, but often also different types of resins: this gives them a slightly shiny, radiant surface and a long life. But if you deal with them with the following strong means, you have good chances of success:

AblaugenApply lye embedded in the gel, allow to work in, and then level off the oil colorLye decomposes the oil and softens the color
PicklingApply gel-like paint remover, let it work in. Apply oil paintSolvents soften the oil color
Heattreat with the hot air blower, then level offHeat softens the oil color
millingUse a plaster cutter on plaster and remove the oil paint mechanicallymechanical scraping, electrically reinforced

While the first three methods are suitable for any substrate that is resistant to heat and solvent, you should only use the router on the wall. In any case, be careful not to damage the surface, so you can easily recoat it later.

When using a leacher and paint stripper, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface after removing the oil paint. In the first course, you can use a sal ammoniac spirit or a solvent for oils, followed by warm water. Finally, let everything dry well!

Health in view: How to remove oil paint as safely as possible

Protect your skin and respiratory system during this work, no matter which method you use. Harmful fumes, corrosive substances and fine dust can damage your health!

Tips & Tricks

Always try the methods on the smallest possible area as close as possible before deciding on the most effective method!

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