So you succeed in raising your sofa!

Sometimes the couch just seems too low, especially for seniors then getting up pretty difficult. Even tall people usually do not find it very comfortable to sit almost at the bottom of the floor, so it must be remedied! The good news: You do not have to dispose of your sofa and replace it with a new one, because there are plenty of ways to increase the seating a good deal.

The perfect sofa increase: height-adjustable feet

The elevation of the sofa works well with height-adjustable exchange feet, which are also suitable for other pieces of furniture. The practical helpers are available in a set of four at a price of about 40 euros. How to assemble:

  • The current furniture legs do not need to be dismantled.
  • Even castors may continue to stay on the sofa.
  • On furniture legs, the elevations are simply tightened.
  • Swivel castors receive a universal adapter before attaching the ridges.
  • If you do not want to use the adapter, replace the swivel castor with a suitable spool - and then plug in the spike.

When buying, make sure that the increasing feet have a large diameter and a high load capacity. If several adult people take a seat on the couch, then quite a lot of weight comes together!

About 500 kg including the piece of furniture should be able to carry the new, elevated sofa feet together to be considered safe. If the table appears too small after the conversion, it can also be jacked up.

Height-adjustable feet contribute to flexibility

If you decide not to buy a rigid sofa, but adjustable feet, then you can always take your couch back to a new level.

So keep it open for the future, sometime lower again or even higher to sit. Preferably use a spirit level when adjusting the new feet to make sure that the sofa is straight.

The sofa ladder as a simply knitted alternative

So-called sofa ladders are also suitable for significantly increasing the seating area of ​​a sofa. However, they have the drawback that their height can not be adjusted normally, but they are particularly uncomplicated to install and relatively inexpensive.

A sofa ladder consists of a base element, which forms the actual elevation, and an abrasion-resistant felt on the bottom. The practical product is fixed either by means of a pin or a screw.

Sofa ladders are usually 15 to 25 mm high: Buy four of them to make the couch straight. In this case, you do not need a spirit level during assembly.

Tips & Tricks

Parquet floors prove to be particularly sensitive in practice: in this case we recommend a gentle covering made of soft wool felt, while needle felt is more suitable for hard floors such as tiles and laminate.

Product Image: Kuchina / Shutterstock