How to seal the shower

Sealing in showers with shower tray:

In a shower with shower tray, the seal is made twice. On the one hand, the substrate is sealed to the floor and the wall, on the other hand the shower tray itself. The substrate is first smoothed and treated with a special primer. This provides an ideal surface for applying the actual seal. Since the entire wet and spray area must be sealed to prevent water from entering the masonry, a particularly careful operation is essential. The wet and spray area is located around the area of ​​the shower tray and on the wall in the area of ​​the fitting. It is common to prime the wall up to a height of about 30 centimeters above the highest position of the shower head and also to seal.
Once the primer has been applied and the subsequent seal coat has been properly processed and dried, the shower tray is inserted and connected to the drain. As a next step, the second seal is made in showers of this type. The joints around the shower tray are thoroughly and carefully filled with jointing silicone or sanitary sealant. These materials are elastic and water repellent. Also, the wall joints are filled in order to get here an additional protection against penetrating water. Then the tiles can be laid.

Waterproofing of floor level, floor level or ground level showers:

In the case of walk-in showers, the sealing of the masonry is particularly important, since no shower tray is used as further protection here. On the exposed masonry or the cleaned, smooth plaster, a primer is first applied. The primer ensures even absorption of the different substrates. After drying, the actual seal coat is applied in several layers. Corners and edges are additionally provided with a fabric tape, which is simply applied to the wet sealant between the first and second coat. The fabric tape provides extra tightness in hard-to-reach corners and edges where water accumulation can form. The individual seal coats must dry well in the meantime and must not form color noses. Following the sealing of the floor-level shower, the tiling work can begin.