Tiles as a laminate: same appearance, less power

If it is too tedious to lay a tile floor, you can also fall back on a tile imitation made of laminate. What must be clear, however, is that laminate does not come close to the performance and durability of real tiles. Read more here.

Looks like tiles, but is laminate

Laminate is available in every imaginable look - from glossy white to various types of wood through to tile look. Of course, the material stays laminate.

The laying is certainly much easier than the laying, gluing and grouting of tiles, but has laminate as a floor covering some disadvantages compared to tiles:

  • it is not nearly as durable as real tiles
  • it is not nearly as resistant and resilient as a real tile floor
  • it's not that hygienic and also a bit harder to clean like tiles

Laminate remains laminate, even if the look looks like tiles. You should therefore carefully consider whether tile laminate is actually a viable alternative for you, or whether you are better off using real tiles.

If you decide for tile laminate, you will find a corresponding selection in the hardware stores as well as the many specialized retailers on the Internet, such as parquet-store24.de or Bodenverkauf.de.

In terms of price, tile-look laminate is often a bit higher than conventional laminate types; high-quality products can often cost as much as 20 euros per square meter.

That way you can save costs

You should not necessarily take the higher investment in tiles as a reason to discard a real tile flooring right from the start. Although the costs for high-quality tiles and installation may be higher than for self-laid laminate, this investment often pays off over the years.

Tiles are easy to clean and practically indestructible - they have a shelf life of several decades. Laminate, on the other hand, often has to be renewed after just a few years - so the costs for the laminate floor are incurred several times over the lifetime of tiles.

And you can also save the installation costs if you rely on click tiles.

Tips & Tricks

For a real tile surface, choose timeless and unobtrusive designs, perhaps tiles in concrete look or in muted colors. So you have a floor that fits over the many years of its life, always to the changing facilities.

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