Cleaning tiles with the steam cleaner - is it worth it?

Steam cleaners are intended to make substantial work easier when cleaning different surfaces and floors. Especially for tile cleaning, they are particularly well suited. What advantages they bring, and how to proceed correctly, read here.

Steam cleaner vs. Cleaning by hand

In the classical way, tiles are cleaned with a mop and water. The tile surface has some features that generally make cleaning much easier:

  • dense surface
  • high surface hardness
  • pretty sleek

As a result, dirt can not settle and not penetrate into the tile. He only sticks superficially and can be easily wiped off. Cleaning is even easier with microfibre cloths.

The steam cleaner offers only small advantages and no significant work relief, since the dirt can be easily removed anyway.

Which steam cleaners use?

In principle, both steam cleaners and steam brushes are suitable for tile cleaning. With steam brooms, the disadvantage is that the dirt accumulates over time in the cleaning cloths and the cloths must be washed after cleaning.

Steam cleaners also dissolve more stubborn dirt very effectively, especially heavily soiled areas can be steamed directly. The high pressure in conjunction with the high temperature ensures a very good dirt dissolving effect.

tile joints

While the smooth tile surfaces are not a problem for any cleaning method, the tile joints look very different.

Dirt accumulates particularly stubbornly and is often difficult to remove because of the rough surface of the joint material. Over time, hard deposits can form through the accumulating dirt.

When cleaning by hand, tile joints must often be scrubbed intensively, deposits require even tougher scrubbing. When choosing cleaning agents, attention must be paid to the joint material so as not to damage the joints.

Steam cleaners can be used very effectively and effortlessly for joint cleaning. Click on the link to read our special article about cleaning joints with the steam cleaner.

At least here, the use of the steam cleaner is worthwhile in most cases.

Tips & Tricks

A bactericidal effect is only to be expected if each individual site is steamed intensively and directly for several minutes, studies show. Also a mold-killing effect is given only with intensive steaming and never completely, mold survives mostly.

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