Tile color and price: is there a connection?

The frequently searched tiles always seem to be cheaper than special colored tiles or special colors. Is there a connection between tile color and price? Whether this is so you will learn in this post.

Tiles can be very different in price

To get straight to the point - tiles can cost somewhere between 15 and 90 euros per square meter. A huge price range, then.

  • Stoneware are the "ordinary" glazed tiles for indoor use
  • Stoneware are unglazed, higher quality and very resistant tiles that can also be used outdoors
  • Porcelain stoneware represents the highest quality category - and thus also the highest price category.

Simple stoneware tiles in frequently requested standard colors are the cheapest. Cheap goods are available here from 15 euros per square meter, reasonable quality is usually usually about 20 euros per square meter.

Custom Tiles - RAL colors or special colors or designs are actually a tiny bit more expensive than the standard, muted standard colors.

However, especially in the case of stoneware, quality also plays a decisive role in price - higher-quality tiles are almost always more expensive than lower-quality ones. Only occasionally there are exceptions.

For stoneware and porcelain stoneware, however, the differences are less related to the color, but rather to the structure. The price differences for special designs such as wood, stone or concrete look have a very clear effect here.

Stoneware and porcelain stoneware usually range from around € 40 up to over € 80 or € 90 per square meter. However, this can almost always be traced to different quality and special design of the surface on the other hand. The coloring of the tiles does not play a decisive role here.

That way you can save costs

One way to save costs is always the price comparison with as many traders. Somewhere there is always an offer or a special offer. Otherwise, eBay or stock sales, where tiles can also be purchased more cheaply.

Tips & Tricks

An existing tile mirror can easily be "recoloured" with tile stickers, and that is also a very cost-effective option. Tile stickers cost even from professional manufacturers just as much as the cheapest cheap tiles. An interesting alternative, then.