Brick prices of different providers compared

Over window and door openings must be a fall. It comes from all sorts of different building materials - the fall always counts as "special stone". What prices you have to expect when falling from brick material and what determines the price, you can find out here.

Brick are today - not least because of their good heat-insulating properties - again heavy in the trend. The building materials with the most thermally insulating properties are hollow bricks filled with insulating material. But then these are corresponding special tiles, which are then also expensive accordingly.

In general, brick is a bit more expensive than sand-lime brick, and is about the same price with many lightweight materials, but concrete falls are also often often cheaper to have. However, the construction planner decides which material is used - here you do not always have a free hand, because it is also about the static characteristics of the building materials.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

brick fall
175 x 113 x 1000 mm, 3 DFhoba-baustoffe.com23,74 EUR / piece
175 x 71 x 1000 mm, flathoba-baustoffe.com9,38 EUR / piece
Fall for comparison:
Flat lintel aerated concrete 1250 x 125 x 150 mmbausep.de17.35 EUR / piece
U-shell KS (sand-lime brick) 115 x 240 x 238hoba-baustoffe.com2,60 EUR / piece

Always pay attention to standards when buying

Your plan makes certain demands on the building material - in terms of load-bearing capacity, compressive strength and thermal values. These properties are standardized in all building materials - however, you must always make sure to buy building materials of the correct standard. This is also true and especially for falls.

Tips & Tricks

For particularly wide door and window openings, the use of U-shaped shells rather than a lintel is often constructive. They are a much easier to process alternative that often has the same or better performance than a fall.

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