Glue tiles: attractive and cost-effective alternative to complete renovation

Old tiles, often with outdated colors or designs, can be a real insult to the eye. Instead of completely removing them, you can glue them on quickly and easily. Find out what is possible here.

Tiles can be embellished in different ways

Tiles can be varnished, embellished with pictures - or covered over. This is the simplest and most effective remedy for ugly old tiles. In addition, even cracks and holes disappear.

As a rule, only special plastic foils are really good for pasting. It is especially important that they are easy to work with and also stick well.

Most important is the background preparation. The tiles, which are to be glued, must be absolutely clean and, most of all, completely free of grease. As a home remedy nitro dilution, but also degreasing cleaners help here.

So-called tile stickers can also be designed by yourself - in the end this is a bit more expensive, but very individual. On the other hand, full gluing also covers ugly joints or inappropriate joint paints. Sometimes that can be important.

Individual living room design made easy

If only the tile color is to be adapted to a new device, painting over with tile varnish may indeed be sufficient, but in general it is much more expensive to paint tiles than to glue them.

If no finished tile stickers are to be used, the plastic film must be cut as exactly as possible and always slightly larger in order to cover the beveled tile edge well. You can then finish with a cutter at the end.

With old and very unsightly joints, you can also think about simply re-grouting the wall. However, this is a somewhat more complicated process and not always easy for inexperienced laymen. In any case, the Neuverfugen should then be made before pasting.

Tips & Tricks

TIP: The tile structure can give pictures on plastic film a whole new, interesting look. Just get a poster image on plastic foil, cut it accordingly and stick it all over the tile strip, for example in your kitchen. With it you can create an interesting eye-catcher out of uninteresting, boring tiles.

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