Remove tile joints - which tool do I need for this?

Many do-it-yourselfers have a real horror about removing a tile joint. But the work is not that bad. There are several practical tools that make it easier to remove joints, depending on the size of the job.

How many tiles should be changed?

Yes, after how many tiles are to be replaced or if all joints have to be renewed, the tools are differently suited for the task.

Tools for removing tile joints

  • scraper
  • hammer and chisel
  • Angle grinder / small flex
  • Tauchsäge

Replace a tile

If only one tile is to be replaced, the simple mechanical joint scraper is certainly a good solution. The Fugenkratzer there for about ten euros in every hardware store. Do not choose too wide a scratches, otherwise the tiles may be damaged.

Even an old discarded flat-head screwdriver can be used again for this work. These two variants work quite well, if some damaged joints are to be reworked.

Then the grout does not necessarily have to be removed to the bottom. It can be enough if it is heavily roughened and scratched to connect to the new mass.

Renew tile joints and replace different tiles

Once the length and amount of tile joints that need to be scraped out is more than about two meters, hardly anyone can afford to work with such equipment. Then harder means must be used.

A very good device is the diving or mini diving saw that has been on the market for some time. It cuts the joints out of the tiles very gently. The depth is adjustable.

The angle grinder, on the other hand, can really only be guided so securely with an extremely steady hand that no damage to the tiles occurs. But he is the cheapest device, since he is usually available for about 25 euros in the hardware stores.

Tips & Tricks

The diving saw is a good all-rounder that an enthusiastic home improvement can use for endless purposes. Therefore, the purchase for homeowners and home improvement already worthwhile for smaller projects, even the most well-known brand name devices are already under $ 100 in the hardware store.

Video Board: Removing Old Grout From Tile