Cutting tile joints - that's how it works

If the tile joints have suffered slightly over time and become unsightly, they must be removed. Many then begin to paint over the joints. But actually the tile joints have to be cut out. Here's how it works.


Whether with a proper flex or very hard with a hammer and chisel, who tries to cut the joints between the tiles with these methods will in most cases be unsuccessful.

If the joints are removed, the edges of the tiles are usually badly damaged. In addition, the work is very tedious and expensive. It is in fact much easier with a small diving circular saw.

Diving circular saw - ideal little helper

As a home improvement, the purchase of a small diving circular saw is today almost the first civic duty. The small device can be used in so many tasks that you do not notice at first glance. This includes the removal of tile joints.

With a diamond wheel, the plunge-cut saw can work out the joints exactly and cleanly, without damaging the tiles in any way. Afterwards new grout can be applied again.

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