Revise tiles: you have these options

You do not have to knock off old tiles right away. There are numerous ways to revise them and make them visually attractive again. What can be done, and what advantages and disadvantages the individual methods have, you can read in detail in this article.

Possibilities of revision

You can remodel an old tile mirror tile by tile, as well as completely redesign. The following options are available:

  • using tile stickers
  • the painting of tiles
  • the installation of new tiles on the old (tile-on-tile technique)
  • covering the entire tile mirror with plaster
  • Fliesenaufkleber

    These stickers are available for all typical tile dimensions. They can simply be glued to the cleaned tiles. So you can change even individual tiles (as a visual highlight) in a tile mirror.

    However, the process is expensive, and visually - depending on the type of tiles - does not always look perfect. In terms of price, when gluing a whole tiled surface, you have to go from around 15 EUR per m² to 20 EUR per m².

    In addition, the joints remain as they were before - often friable and often in a wrong color. The re-jointing would mean a very high effort.

    Painting the tiles

    When painting tiles, the same problems arise with the joints, as with gluing. In addition, the result is often visually very poor, as it can be seen that the tiles are painted over. Overall, the painting is less beautiful and much more time-consuming than tile stickers, but it is usually cheaper but.

    Tile on tile technology

    On old tile mirrors new tiles can be laid easily. The price of materials is often even lower than for tile stickers. If you can tile yourself, that is certainly the cheapest and the optically cleanest solution.

    The thickness of the new tiles usually leads to a significantly greater overall height of the entire tile mirror. But you can replace the usual 8 - 11 mm thick tiles with very thin tiles with only 5 mm or 3 mm thickness (special product) to keep the total height less.

    Covering tiles with plaster

    Plasters are usually very problematic in wet rooms. A construction-approved solution, however, represents the "replace-tile" system of the manufacturer Ultrament.

    Tips & Tricks

    Also Tadelakt is a very good (and especially waterproof) way to apply a plaster in the bathroom. However, the technology is very complex and is only offered by a few companies with experience. That's why it's also expensive, but looks great.

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