Tile sticker: Old tiles brand new

Tiles are extremely durable. This can mean that you do not like the color or pattern of your tiled mirror any more - or it is no longer up to date. Tile stickers bring quick and easy help here.

Tiles just made new

Tiles can be embellished very simply by highly durable, durable stickers. In this way, the old, boring tile color is simply recolored into a new one.

Such tile stickers are available in all popular tile sizes - they therefore do not need to be cut to size, but can simply be glued on.

With colors and patterns the ideas are hardly limited, on some platforms you can even design your tile stickers yourself. Most RAL colors are already available at most retailers anyway.

The benefits of tile bonding

  • unsightly tile mirrors can be completely renewed quickly
  • easier and cheaper than new tiles
  • damaged tiles can be simply "repaired" by a sticker

Prices for tile stickers

Prices often vary depending on the design and the manufacturer, but in general you can expect a price of around 15 EUR per square meter for larger labels.

High-quality decors can be significantly more expensive, on the other hand, many special offers and remaining stock are then often significantly cheaper.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • abc-aufkleber.de The specialist for everything concerning stickers, you will also find a large amount of tile stickers and tile decors.
  • Amazon also offers a quite sizable selection of tile decors and tile stickers. Definitely worth a look, also because of the prices.
  • tapetenagentur.de The wallpaper agency also offers a variety of decor stickers and tile stickers for your bathroom or kitchen tiles.

That way you can save costs

Just look for residual items, special offers or "outlets" - many manufacturers often sell less common goods much cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

You can also cover your entire tile mirror with the joints very easily with matching plastic film - the tiling pattern often gives picture films an impressive look.

Video Board: Fired Earth Wall Tile Stickers by Robin Sprong