Tiled floor in comparison with other floor coverings

Tile floors are again very trendy. Especially the modern designs of porcelain stoneware convince many buyers. How advantageous a tiled floor is compared to other floor coverings, and what the cost-benefit calculation looks like for tiled floors, you can read here.

Cost situation with floor tiles

Tile floors are often not expensive. So you get simple floor tiles already for some 3.50 EUR per m² in the hardware store, higher quality porcelain stoneware usually costs from 10 - 15 EUR per m² upwards in hardware stores.

With specialized tile dealers and with appropriate tile quality the prices can easily go up to three times per m². Decisive for the price is not always the tile quality alone - even the manufacturer's name often plays a not to be underestimated role for the price.

Cost-benefit analysis

The prices are compared to a shelf life of several decades. Even the very conservative official calculations certify that a tiled floor has a lifespan of 40 years. Depending on the quality of the tiles, the service life can be even higher.

If you take a cost-benefit balance here, many other floor coverings are significantly more expensive here in the long run. If you compare the tiled floor, for example, with laminate: it is about the same price range as cheap stoneware floor tiles, but has an average lifespan of only ten years.

Compared to solid wood flooring

The durability of tile floors is surpassed only by solid wood flooring. A plank floor can easily last up to 200 years, assuming regular work-up.

In general, such a floor usually costs around twice that, in addition to the cost of the workup depending on the degree of wear. In addition, a solid wooden floor has a few more, not to be underestimated disadvantages.


Because of the high durability of the tile floor, you should definitely make appropriate considerations regarding the design.

Straight tile floors offer a variety of very timeless and discreet designs that can harmonize with virtually all room designs.

Tiles in wood or stone look

Particular importance is attached here tiles in stone look or wood look. Such floors imitate their role models deceptively real. The look alone makes them indistinguishable from an original wooden or stone floor.

This offers an advantage that should not be underestimated: The durability, durability and easy care of a tile floor are combined here with the timeless look of high-quality wood.

Only the feel and the step warmth of the wooden floor are missing. But the intensive care effort and the high sensitivity of original wood or stone floors are eliminated.

Cleaning and care

Tile floors are resistant to all types of dirt. They can be wiped wet or damp, and because of their smooth surface are particularly easy and quick to clean.

Unlike wood floors or stone floors, they are also insensitive to most damages. In addition, they also form no visible signs of wear on the much used roads.

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