Tiled showers with an exclusive touch

Tiles were and are a preferred material to cover the walls and, in some cases, the floor of a shower. They can both harmonize with a shower tray and completely cover the floor, walls and even the ceiling of the shower. A complete tiling is preferred especially things at ground level, floor-level showers. You can combine different colors, sizes and surface finishes or select uniformly. Manufacturers also offer borders, ornaments or mosaic patterns for your tiled shower.

Interplay of sure-footedness and design

The floor of a shower needs, in addition to an attractive look, which fits the shower wall design, also sure-footedness. What is achieved with small tiles by means of a close-mesh joint grid can be a challenge for large-area tiles. The manufacturers offer ceramic tiles in the same design, which nevertheless have a different surface structure. For example, even marble tiles may be coated with a slightly roughened glaze that prevents slippage on wet surfaces. Another popular solution, when laying very smooth tiles, is to insert a non-slip wooden footboard that also compensates for the slight slope of the tread.

Material requirements and working hours are the costs

Unlike shower cubicles, whose installation usually requires a manageable amount of time and craftsmanship, tiled showers are a building craft. In addition to the material costs, the construction costs often account for the greater part of the total price. The tiles must be expertly carried out, since the constant humidity of the shower permanently pollutes the construction. If you are planning a DIY project, you should have advanced knowledge. The prices for suitable tiles start in simple versions at around forty euros per square meter. There are also many accessories such as tile adhesive, grout, drain connections and pipes, possibly a door with hinges, base construction, gutter and sealing material. Tiling a full-size shower for one person, including the substructure and work, will take about an eight-hour working day. A trained tile publisher and a professional water fitter will charge around 40 euros per hour.

Tiled showers with an exclusive touch: touch

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