Tiler: calculate costs in advance

Several factors determined the final price for the tiler. These include, among other things, the estimated hourly wage or the square meter price of the craftsman, the method of laying, the type of tile and any additional services. Which costs are incurred for the individual positions?

How are the costs for the tiler composed?

The square meter prices for the laying of tiles are based primarily on the work required for the respective type of tile and laying method. Another factor in the calculation of tiler costs is the region where the construction site is located.

The laying of simple floor and wall tiles with tile adhesive is usually one of the most cost-effective variants: expect about 30 EUR per square meter. Even the setting of terracotta tiles moves in this price category.

With a price per square meter of well over 30 up to 60 EUR you have to count, for example, on natural stone slabs, which are to be placed in a mortar bed. All tile types may incur additional costs for diagonal installation or for a mosaic pattern.

Of course, custom work on small surfaces - such as on a staircase - costs significantly more. Here, the tiler has to measure and cut a particularly large number of tiles, which is reflected in the workload.

Especially in wet rooms are silicone or acrylic joints essential, this incurs further costs. The tiler takes for his Verfugungsarbeit about one EUR per running meter. Inquire whether the craftsman commissioned by you also calculates travel costs!

Of course, additional additional work for the tiler also causes costs: Does the construction site have to be cleared first? What else is there to do?

Tiler: costs on the example project

A homeowner tilts the floor of his spacious kitchen and the area above the worktop. It is a total area of ​​45 sqm.

For the floor, the tiler calculates 35 EUR per square meter, for the tiles to be used in the small-scale pattern he takes 50 EUR per square meter.

In addition, there are various material costs (except tiles) and an hourly wage of 45 EUR for additional work such as smoothing the surface and shortening the door leaf.

Cost overviewprice
Tiling and grouting of 38 sqm floor1330 EUR
Tiling and grouting of 7 sqm tiled mirror350 EUR
Additional work 3 hours135 EUR
silicone joints20 EUR
material costs115 EUR
total1,950 EUR

Lower costs for the tiler

If you take some work off the tiler, you can save some money. Make sure you have a clean, smooth and stable surface so the craftsman can start tiling immediately.

Tips & Tricks

Before starting work, submit a written offer with a detailed list of all labor and material costs.

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