Align tiles correctly - these tricks and tips will help you

Tiling is an art in itself - after all, tilers have their own profession. For a visually perfect result in self-tiling the correct positioning and alignment of tiles is the key point. Which tricks work well even in large rooms and help effectively, read here.

tile crosses

The key to a uniform joint when laying tiles are tile crosses. They are one of the most effective aids available.

They are very cheap in the trade in different sizes. For large-format tiles, the extra-long versions of tile crosses are recommended. A 250-piece pack costs in the hardware store little more than 2 - 3 EUR.

The removal of the tile crosses then takes place with a so-called tile cross remover. This is a hook-shaped tool that you also get in hardware stores in the appropriate department for less than 10 EUR.

Controls and markings

Creating a layout plan can be helpful in advance. This applies not only to complicated laying patterns, but also to ordinary, straight laying of the tiles.

Certain markings can help to align the tiles optically exactly. You can also completely transfer the planned laying grid to the wall. This is called "tearing".

Marking plumb bob

The middle of a wall should be provided with the help of a plumb bob with a vertical marking. With this continuous marking you can align the tiles perfectly.

Aligning sanitary objects

All sanitary objects should lie with their central axis when tiling in the bathroom as possible in a joint. This creates an optical symmetry. Pipe connections are usually in a joint cross, this is not possible, then exactly half the joint length.

Further alignment lines

The laying of floor tiles is best done with the help of a taut string in the middle of the room. For tiles you also use additional markings:

  • the so-called meter crack, a horizontal mark in one meter height
  • straight horizontal alignment (when tiling walls)
  • unmissable dimension points (for example, the horizontal alignment line, which is caused by a door height)

tape trick

In order to make markings visible directly on the laying surface, first stick a strip of adhesive tape on the spot to be marked. If you carefully pull off the adhesive tape after applying the tile adhesive, you will see the mark clearly at the exact right place.

Tips & Tricks

For diagonal laying or other laying patterns you need some more marking lines and tools to align the tiles correctly. However, since such a move is already quite complicated, and requires experience, you should rather leave complicated laying patterns to a specialist.

Video Board: QEP's LASH Tile Leveling System