Lay tiles yourself - this is how it is done

Tiles can be laid by the experienced handyman with the appropriate tool.
Prerequisite is always a firm and even surface. Unevenness can not be compensated with tile adhesive. Remedy only a spatula plaster or extensive damage the dressing of the wall with plasterboard.

Cut tiles should never be narrower than five centimeters at corners and shutters. Therefore, a surface is always measured before laying and the measure of the tiles including the joints is conveyed.
When laying floor tiles, no cavities may be created.

Step 1: The substrate preparation

Create smooth surfaces as described. In wet rooms or on strongly absorbent surfaces prime with a sealant.

Measure the height and width and arrange the tiles. According to this measure you cut a border tile at the end of the surface.

Draw a horizontal line with the spirit level according to the height of the tile plus a lower joint.

Step 2: Mix the tile adhesive and start laying

Now mix the tile adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions, preferably with a stir bar in the drill, lump-free.

Apply the tile adhesive to the first row with a notched trowel and, starting with the edge tile, glue the tiles exactly to the line. As spacers you use plastic tile crosses.

Step 3: Tile the entire surface and cut recesses

When the first row of tiles has succeeded, you can continue to work quickly. With a little routine, you can always apply the tile adhesive for about 5 × 3 tiles, because that saves time. Particularly strong absorbent ceramic tiles dip briefly in clear water.

Part tiles cut with a hand tile cutter or a tile cutter. Small recesses can break out with a pair of pliers and switches, etc. helps a carbide drill bit.

Step 4: Grouting

Mix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then spread this mixture on the tiles with a rubber squeegee, filling all the joints completely.

Even before the grout has dried, clean the surface with a tiled sponge and only a moderate amount of water.

The conclusion is formed by circumferential silicone joints the next day.

Video Board: Tile 101: How to Lay Tile