Bathroom tiles as a mosaic: an interesting eye-catcher in the modern bathroom

It does not always have to be boring, monochrome tiles: mosaic tiles in the bathroom make an interesting and lively eye-catcher in modern bathroom designs. Read everything there is to know about these colorful cabarets.

Mosaic tiles: many design options

A mosaic always represents a visually lively and interesting design possibility. Mosaic tiles can be used either as a wall covering, but also as a floor covering.

  • Mosaic tiles with appropriate surface design: here, the tile design is designed so that it looks like a mosaic in the end
  • Glass mosaics: individual, small glass bricks are laid like tiles, often with the help of an underlying net to avoid having to combine them
  • Natural stone mosaics: they look high-quality and noble and are also suitable for Mediterranean designs

Glass mosaics can be used well as decoration, often they are also incorporated in a conventional tile mirror as individual elements. However, they are also suitable for covering entire wall areas with a - mostly quite colorful - mosaic, which also creates a play of light.

In contrast, natural stone mosaics look very classy but at the same time rustic. They are ideal for modern, minimalist bathroom designs as well as for Italian or Mediterranean bathroom designs.

Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, are a fairly simple solution, but optically less effective. Here, only the tile surface is kept in a mosaic decor. They are laid like all other tiles also.

Dealers like or offer many interesting possibilities that allow completely new bathroom designs. But even with the conventional tile dealers, as on you will usually find something.

In DIY stores, on the other hand, you usually only have a very limited choice, which usually lags far behind what is actually possible. As far as the price is concerned, mosaics are usually in the same range as conventional tiles - but special and unusual designs are often very expensive here as well.

That way you can save costs

If you just want to add some color to your bathroom, that's usually best done with glass mosaics. Natural stone mosaics and high-quality mosaic tiles represent the more sophisticated - and therefore often more expensive - possibilities.

Tips & Tricks

Tile stickers in mosaic look make their bathroom tiles in the blink of an optically interesting tile mosaic. In addition, these stickers are relatively cheap and easy to install.

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