Beautify tiles: you have these options

The ravages of time are a thing of the past as well: what options do you have for reviving old tiles in new splendor, you can read here.

Tile renovation made easy

As long as tiles are still intact and hold well on the wall, you do not necessarily have to remove them to breathe new life into the tiled wall. There are other options for that.

What works best for you is decided on the basis of the tile condition: Did the tiles crack, do they have drilled holes that are no longer needed or other damages? Or are they still completely intact? How big is the tiled wall? What kind of decor would you like to have and does it fit the current joint color? Which budget would you like to spend?

Depending on how your answers turn out, different options are available to beautify your tiles. What's up, read below.


They can be used individually to decorate individual tiles and thereby visually spice up the tiled wall. The effect is sometimes amazing.

But you can also provide all tiles with stickers, possibly even with self-designed. Ready-made stickers are simple, self-cut plastic film is usually cheaper.

For damaged tiles is also a good way to make the damage disappear.


If the existing joint color would not fit, you can also cover the entire wall with a plastic film. This gives, especially with picture motives, an interesting optical effect.

Repair or recolour joints

If you liked the tiles, but the joints have become unsightly or have a color that you do not like, you can re-grout the tiles. Different joint colors can also produce a very different effect on the same tiles. The work is however complex.

tile paint

Tile lacquer is a relatively cheap but time-consuming and sometimes tricky job. Often then would have to be grouted. But if you just want to have a different color, that can be a way too.

Tips & Tricks

Especially when gluing, make sure that the surface is completely free of grease - this is important for the film or a sticker to hold really well. Just use nitro dilution for degreasing.

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