Delete tiles: calculate costs

Replacing old-fashioned or damaged tiles requires a lot of effort and is very costly. A cheap alternative offers tile painting: The costs are significantly lower and the work is limited.

Painting tiles yourself: a new look for the bathroom!

Tiles are best painted over with a special color, all other colors tend not to hold on this surface or flake off later.

Most home and homeowners choose to paint their own tiles, because this measure is anyway intended to save costs for bathroom renovation.

Since a good result often requires several coats, the wages for the craftsman will be relatively high - but the hand-painted tile painting is not that difficult.

Example project: Delete nasty ones yourself

A home improvement wants to paint the old-fashioned tiles in his bathroom with tile paint. It is a total area of ​​70 sqm wall. He renounces the use of a specialist company.

The man first cleans his tiles thoroughly with household cleaner, then he grinds the underground. For painting, he uses a one-component special paint, which does not require a primer. However, he has to paint all tiles twice.

Cost overviewprice
commercial household cleaner3 EUR
Rent a grinding machine25 EUR
abrasive paper20 EUR
PU-alkyd special varnish, 14 cans per 1 l210 EUR
white spirit4 EUR
Paint roller with paint tray10 EUR
Ringpinsel6 EUR
total278 EUR

Save costs with cheaper color?

The biggest cost factor when painting tiles is the color, all other materials are comparatively cheap. However, the purchase of a Billiglack is not a sensible solution.

Rather, pay attention to the high opacity of your tile varnish and pay dearly for something more: you will need less paint and thus save material and working time.

Tips & Tricks

Although shower cubicles and other regularly soaked areas can be painted with tile varnish, the fresh paint needs a long drying time. Therefore, you should consider in advance, if you can do without your shower during the drying process for a while.

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