Tiles for the terrace: what matters

Even terraces need a floor covering - in addition to the frequently used wooden planks, tiles are a widely used alternative. What is there on terrace tiles, where they differ and where you get them, read here.

Terrace tiles - diversity is announced

Terrace tiles can be made in a very different way, and consist of different materials. The most common types of patio tiles are:

  • Classic ceramic tiles for outdoor use
  • Natural stone tiles and
  • Wooden tiles

Just because of the different material, these tile types have very individual advantages and disadvantages. Also in terms of durability and processing costs, they differ considerably.

Classic ceramic tiles, which you receive everywhere in the well-stocked tile trade - for example on fliesenbox24.com or at kerana.de - need a completely level screed surface, a sealing layer and must also be laid free of voids.

As a rule, a professional must be hired to tile a terrace - even small cavities or inaccurate tile adhesive application can lead to the cracking of one or more tiles.

In terms of price, ceramic tiles that are suitable for outdoor use are very different - cheaper than 15 - 20 euros per square meter is hardly possible, in addition to the costs for laying and additional material.

Natural stone tiles are slightly easier to lay than ceramic tiles. This refers to real natural stones and not ceramic tiles in natural stone look. In terms of price, this alternative is usually much higher, depending on the stones, but skillful people can tackle the laying themselves.

Wooden tiles are the easiest way, the cheapest models are around 20-25 euros per square meter. They are connected on a flat surface as simply as possible by means of a click system, so laying is no problem.

In addition, during the winter you can even remove them to protect the wood - but a firm, permanent installation is also possible. But the durability is significantly lower than the first two alternatives - ceramic or stone.

That way you can save costs

Think in advance how often you use your patio - and what kind of stress your patio is exposed to. This already provides information about how massive the decking has to be.

Tips & Tricks

When comparing wood with ceramics or stone, also consider the long durability of the more solid materials - you will probably need to relocate wood tiles several times during their lifetime.

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