Tiles grow - can you do that?

Like every floor, of course, the tile floor should also shine beautifully. Whether there are special waxes and how best to use them, you can read in this article. In addition, which possibilities there are for polishing the tiles.

Suitable tile types

Tiles are basically divided into three different types:

  • Earthenware (the glazed tiles, with a hard, glossy coating)
  • the much harder stoneware or porcelain stoneware that is mostly unglazed
  • polished stoneware and porcelain stoneware, polished to a high gloss

Porcelain stoneware can have different surface structures. It can also - especially for outdoor use - be specially treated anti-slip.

Fitness to grow

Polished porcelain stoneware is polished so smoothly that it shines by itself when it is clean. A higher gloss is usually impossible to achieve, even with waxes.

Earthenware is already provided with a glassy, ​​glossy coating. It also shines when the tiles are clean.

Both types of surface are so hard that they do not need protection. They can hardly be scratched either. A protection with waxes is therefore just as unnecessary as the polishing of the very hard coating or the very hard surface (porcelain stoneware has the same scratch hardness as diamond).

In both cases, wax only leads to deposits that are difficult to remove, which in the end even prevent shine. On waxy cleaners you should definitely do without, and no waxy care products use. A clean with clear water and a dash of detergent is sufficient, and also leads to appropriate shine.

Polishing unglazed stoneware

For unglazed stoneware, which is normally dull, there are also waxy and polishable coatings available on the market.

Depending on the surface structure of the particular porcelain stoneware tile, the use of such care products can make the floor shiny. But not always on all surfaces that succeeds.

Unsuitable cleaning agents can also lead to a dull appearance of the tile, and make it difficult to re-removable deposits. In any case, you should first ask the tile manufacturer which cleaning agents are recommended for certain unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles.

Tips & Tricks

However, you should never use surfactant-based cleaners for glazed or polished tiles. Surfactants can cause the surface to become dull and permanently lose its shine.

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