Bathroom Tiles Ideas: What's Possible with Modern Tiles

Especially the advancements in ceramics in recent years have led to a lot more going on with tiles today - tiles can also replace almost any material. Read here how to make your bathroom completely new and different - with tiles.

Tiles as a faux of almost everything

Modern ceramic designs have led to the fact that almost every material today can be imitated with tiles. This is an important development that opens up an incredible number of new bathroom design options.

  • Tiles in wood look
  • Tiles in stone look
  • Tiles in concrete look

A bathroom made entirely of wood? With plank floor and wooden panel wall? No problem, there are also the corresponding tiles, and they look visually deceptively similar. In the meantime, almost all types of wood are available as a tile imitation.

This brings the excellent properties of tiles in combination with classic look, such as wooden floors. So here you are completely free to design.

Natural stone floors, on the other hand, provide a feel-good ambience in the bathroom and a simple and timeless design. Especially with regard to the lifetime of tiles, this can be a good idea - because tiles usually last much longer than most bathroom fixtures.

Even the simpler look of a concrete floor or a screed can be perfectly imitated with tiles. Timeless and decent, it hardly goes. The tiles are but high-quality porcelain stoneware, which is not only completely undemanding and robust, but also by nature, non-slip.

Stoneware - in color

In the past few years, new colors have come into the program for conventional, glazed stoneware tiles. Meanwhile, there are all RAL colors and special colors as tiles in the well-stocked tile trade to buy. The beige monotony definitely has an end to it.

But also patterned tiles appear today more and more often, even with such high-quality patterns as Art Deco or Art Nouveau. Replicas of these two tile styles are very popular in recent years. Designing a bathroom in Art Nouveau style can also have a very special appeal.

Tips & Tricks

To reshape existing tiles quickly and easily, tile stickers are best suited. They are inexpensive and easy to install - but you can make a bathroom completely new with you.

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