Tiles in natural stone look: rustic, timeless and valuable

Natural stone floors are particularly elegant and luxurious - but they are also often very costly. A significantly cheaper solution are floor tiles that mimic this look. You can find out all there is to know about natural stone tiles here.

Tiles in natural stone look: luxury made affordable

Genuine natural stone floors can be very expensive - and in many cases not even installed. As an alternative to offer here tiles in the appropriate look.

They are virtually indistinguishable from "real" natural stone floors, thanks to the modern ceramic design methods, which have been significantly developed in recent years. Structure, appearance and shades are deceptively real.

But they are even a better solution for several reasons:

  • They are significantly cheaper
  • they are much easier to lay
  • But they are just as resilient and durable for decades as a real stone floor

The possibilities range here from marble optics to slate - in the trade today is as good as for every natural stone and a corresponding tile imitation. Interesting is also the possibility to combine different stones.

Wall coverings are also available as tiles: in this way, a completely natural stone wall can be easily produced with appropriate tiles. Not only for cellar rooms, but also for the living room a great option, which is still cost-effective.

Especially in the field of floor tiles, it pays to go here rather than in the hardware store to a specialized tile dealer - special designs can be found for example on artfliesen.de or yotovstone.de, a large selection but also at tile dealers such as tilebox24.de.

That way you can save costs

Like all tiles, there are tiles in natural stone look from relatively cheap to astronomically expensive - depending on quality and design. Price comparisons are worthwhile here in any case, if you only have a specific optics in mind.

Even on special items and special offers, especially on eBay, you should keep an eye out, if you want to save costs. Be careful, however, so as not to make a hasty bad buy here.

Tips & Tricks

For floor tiles, also pay attention to the skid resistance - there are certain classes that you can use according to your purchase. Abrasion resistance usually only plays a major role in intensive use.

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