Tiles in red: that too is a trend

Red tiles? Yes exactly. And they are very trendy - both as floor tiles and wall coverings. And not just recently. Read here what you can do with red tiles - and where to find them.

Red tiles enliven rooms

The traditional white in the bathroom has long been a thing of the past - modern bathroom designs rely on color. And also in the kitchens things get more and more colorful.

Red is a trend color, which is found in many kitchen and bathroom designs, due to their special properties.

  • Red is a color that splits well into different harmonious shades
  • Red looks alive and stimulating
  • Red blends well with both darker colors and white

If the idea of ​​red tiles in the bathroom still frightens you, you should take a closer look at modern designs. Above all, the combination of different red tones on a tiled wall harmonizes very well with an otherwise simple white ambience in the bathroom.

Even a white kitchen unit is animated by different red tones when tiling and looks harmonious and balanced.

Even mosaic designs in different bright red tones, such as a glass mosaic, especially in the bathroom can have a charm and otherwise liven up boring walls significantly.

You will get red tiles almost everywhere there are tiles - however, the selection in the hardware stores is often rather limited - better you are looking for in the established tile trade, such as on kerana.de
or at tiles24.com for matching tiles in red.

That way you can save costs

Especially with wall coverings, the quality of tiles is not as decisive as, for example, with floor tiles. Wall coverings are not exposed to stress and there is no risk of slipping.

Thus, the tiles do not necessarily have to be of the highest quality, even cheaper models from less well-known tile manufacturers usually do it.

Tips & Tricks

If your bathroom is already tiled, and you simply want a new design, you can also put on tile stickers. Such stickers are available at many retailers for less than 20 euros per square meter, and you have changed your tile color in no time. Self-cut plastic film is of course even cheaper.

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