Seal tiles made of natural stone and close pores

Natural stone has porous surfaces that are particularly sensitive to damp and wet soiling. To give them a similar insensitivity as ceramic surfaces, tiles can be sealed. The continuous protective layer covers the stone, but at the same time it loses its characteristic.

Consideration between appearance, effect, care and protection

The attractiveness and appeal of natural stone lies in its authenticity and characteristics. Its special sensitivities, however, sometimes lead to severe and unpleasant pollution. If maintenance is to be reduced, a complete finish of the surface, which resembles a finish, is a practical protective measure.

The porosity of natural stone has a positive influence on the climatic conditions. These are prevented by an insulating seal. As an additional price for a transparent seal also a change of the haptic and optics must be paid. Sealed natural stone tiles and tiles is to be regarded as having a kind of lacquer coating on them.

Compromise impregnation

Anyone who appreciates authentic natural stone surfaces and would like to enjoy them in heavily frequented or often wet areas such as a shower can leave their pores open by impregnating natural stone tiles.

An impregnation does not close the pores, but fills them only partially. This results in a reduction in the sensitivity to moisture and moisture, without turning them off completely. Sealed natural stone corresponds to ceramic tiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of sealing

The pros and cons of a seal are also a bit in the eye and the opinion of the beholder. Some natural stone friends consider it inconsistent to dress a natural product with "foil". Other stone lovers do not want to give up the look and still get easy-care and insensitive wall and floor coverings.


  • Protection against moisture and wet spots
  • Care and cleaning possible with all cleaning agents
  • Long-lasting optical preservation
  • Veins and textures can be influenced in color and contrast
  • Less care, especially in the constant care maintenance


  • Loss of authenticity
  • Impairment of the visual appearance
  • Room climate regulating property is lost
  • Scratches can take in moisture that can not escape again
  • The feel of real natural stone, barefoot for example, is lost

Tips & Tricks

If you treat natural stone, it must be completely dry before each new step. A seal closes the surface and possibly remaining deep moisture destroys the natural stone from the inside.

Product Image: Cagkan Sayin / Shutterstock

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