Lay tiles on a wooden floor - you have to pay attention

Often the question arises whether tiles can also be laid on a wooden floor. Basically you can do that, but you have to pay attention to some important and basic things. Read more here.

Decouple tiled floor

Tiles need a stable surface when laying. The surface must not move, expand or contract.

A plank floor, however, always works. Each type of wood changes depending on certain factors:

  • humidity
  • room temperature
  • short-term fluctuations of temperature and humidity

Tiles, however, can not expand or contract. The tile joints are usually no movement joints. To make the floor stable, it is therefore always necessary to decouple the tile floor.

Procedure for decoupling

First, you have to convince yourself that the plank floor is actually vibration-free. Defective planks should be renewed in any case, since the decoupling can not compensate for larger vibrations nevertheless.

In some cases, it may be necessary to additionally attach the plank floor in order to exclude vibrations. Thereafter, the natural bumps must be compensated.

Compensation of unevenness

For this one can best use ground leveling compound (leveling compound). It has to harden for a certain amount of time, after which you can check whether the substrate has actually become completely flat.

Especially large-sized floor tiles need an absolutely level surface for laying, even the smallest bumps make there big problems.


So-called decoupling mats can easily be laid on the finished leveled floor. It is best to spatulate the decoupling mats with a gitex tissue.

Alternative: chipboard?

Pressed chipboard works less than other types of wood. This is due to their technical structure. However, chipboard is not very good for laying tiles on. From a fixing of the floor with chipboard and a laying of tiles on the chipboard is therefore always advised by skilled craftsmen.

installation height

When laying, attention must also be paid to the installation height. The use of leveling compound, decoupling mats and tile adhesives results in construction heights of sometimes well over 2 cm. This should be considered in advance, and plan accordingly.

Tips & Tricks

If you use an existing plank floor with wood-effect tiles, you can go a long way: wood-look tiles offer a true-to-the-original appearance, but they are much easier to clean, resistant to signs of wear and stains and can be worn for decades without sanding. That's worth it, anyway.

Video Board: Installing a Hexagonal tile floor.