Sand tiles: the classic

Hardly any tiled surface is as classic as sand-colored tiles in large format - not only in hallways, but often in living rooms and living rooms. What else is there to know about these classic floor tiles and where you can best relate them, read here.

Tiles in sand colors as a discreet floor covering

These tiles have become classics probably because they look very subtle like no other flooring, and harmonize with virtually any interior design.

Nevertheless, they look high-quality and dignified and create a homely atmosphere. They even harmonize well with interior design in a Mediterranean design.

The most common are the following models:

  • Sand-colored tiles in natural stone look as square tiles
  • Rectangle tiles in beige-sand colors
  • Square tiles in sand-colored marble structure

Of course, all of these tiles are available in the well-stocked tile trade, for example on or on, but also the DIY stores have a lot in store for these much sought-after models.

In terms of price, they are often among the cheaper tiles, but there are also very high-quality designs in high quality tiles, which are then also correspondingly expensive.

Especially the square tiles are often arranged in diagonal laying patterns - here you have to be careful when calculating the demand before buying something. If in doubt, ask a specialist salesman or tiler.

That way you can save costs

For floor tiles you should not save on abrasion resistance and slip resistance class - that would be saved at the wrong end. However, high-quality tiles do not necessarily have to be expensive - high prices and high quality do not necessarily go hand in hand here.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to work together with an experienced tiler to decide which laying pattern you want to apply - laying patterns are crucial for the spatial effect of tiles. Semi-or third-party composites make your rooms look bigger and more airy, while a skirting border visually limits the rooms.

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