Renovate tiles: sometimes it's easy

If you want to renovate a tiled wall, you have a few options - it does not always have to be re-tiled. What else is possible, read here.

Tile renovation classic

Simply tiling tiles with new tiles is the classic way. Since a tile surface is usually completely flat, you can lay the new tiles in the thin bed, which makes work much easier.

The fact that you lose a tiny amount of room width can be overcome in most cases. What is negative, however, is the fact that tiles are expensive and the project can cost a lot of money.

In addition, you need a tiler or enough craftsmanship, the right tool and sufficient time. But it is also faster, cheaper and easier.

Glue tiles

With tile stickers you can decorate tiles without much effort. Jumps and unwanted drill holes previously needed disappear by themselves, and the tile wall shines in no time in new splendor.

In addition, tile stickers are also much cheaper than new tiles. You can even cut them yourself out of a suitable plastic foil. But you have to work very carefully.

In addition, use only really suitable foils, not all plastics are sufficiently tough and not all adhere as well as it is necessary.

Cover the tiled wall with plastic foil

You also have the option to cover not only the tiles, but the entire wall with a plastic film, and thus, for example, to design a motif wall, which receives an interesting visual effect through the tile structure.

So you can quickly remedy even inappropriate or no longer handsome joints. Re-jointing, on the other hand, would often be quite time-consuming and time-consuming in many cases. Joint color can bring a lot of visual effects, and is usually easier to apply.

Paint tiles

You can also tint tiles with tile paint - this is a relatively inexpensive option, but requires a little skill. Together with Fugenfarbe you get so a completely redesigned tiled wall, if the tiles are not damaged, but need a lot of craftsmanship.

Tips & Tricks

Before re-tiling, always consider whether you can simply redecorate or glue on the old tiles. The possibilities here are so varied that in most cases you will probably be able to do without re-tiling.

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