Bathroom tiles: what tiles are there for the floor?

Contemporary bathroom designs rely in part on materials that are not typical of the bathroom: real wood, natural stone or other materials. Much of it is available as a tile imitation. What can be on the bathroom floor, and what that costs, learn here.

Wood and stone floors, and everything with tiles

Tiles for the bathroom floor are now very often high-quality stoneware - this has a much more luxurious look than ordinary glazed tiles, is also inherently non-slip and much harder and less sensitive than glazed tiles.

In addition, with modern ceramic tiles today almost any material can be imitated deceptively real.

  • the plank floor made of particularly beautiful types of wood
  • the natural stone floor
  • the concrete floor in its simple and discreet look

There are of course a variety of other surface designs in modern stoneware and porcelain stoneware. The possibilities are almost unlimited here.

One question that always arises, of course, is the cost. Porcelain stoneware often costs between 40 euros and 90 euros per square meter today - that is twice as much or even more than ordinary stoneware tiles.

This can also be a criterion for deciding on a more classic design with lower costs. At tile retailers - such as at or at - you can look at porcelain stoneware tiles and modern stoneware tiles facing each other - and decide at the end.

That way you can save costs

In any case, you should consider one consideration: given the lifetime of bathroom tiles over several decades, smaller price differences are unlikely to play a role. To annoy twenty years or more about an actually unloved bathroom but already. See it from this perspective.

Tips & Tricks

Bath renovations can also be realized tile on tile today. If necessary, talk to your tiler once about it.

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