Build a wooden frame

For many people who like to work or do handicrafts, it is a challenge to be able to build a wooden frame, for example, as a picture frame. Below you will find instructions on how to build such a wooden frame yourself.

First considerations to build wooden frame

The self-construction of a wooden frame is one of the simple tasks that home improvement and craft friends can do themselves. First of all, the choice of wood is important. Then you also have to know if you prefer to buy prefabricated wooden slats that are milled accordingly, or if you do not have a router available to do the job yourself.

Joining techniques for wooden frames

Also as a mounting material to connect the wooden frame that you want to build different techniques in question:

  • screw together
  • glue
  • nail
  • connect with brackets or angles
  • connect with dowels or Lamellos
  • a combination of the mentioned techniques

First get all needed material

We offer instructions on how to glue a wooden frame and stabilize it with angles. Most of the required products are available in the hardware store, but also in the specialized trade for craft accessories. Here you should also be able to purchase a strap with which you can optimally fix your freshly glued frame. Of course, you can also buy here the desired strips as a cheap meter goods.

Step-by-step guide to building a wooden frame

  • Wooden slats by the meter
  • Wooden angle (if possible with attachment for hooks, not wider than the bar)
  • Custom-made glass or acrylic sheet (bright or folded according to the required size)
  • Angle with eyelets for hanging on hooks
  • thin fiberboard as the back wall
  • Steel pins for fixing the rear wall
  • White glue (wood glue)
  • miter
  • suitable wood saw (for example foxtail with fine toothing)
  • Strap for fixing the glued frame
  • little hammer
  • Sandpaper (grit 120)

1. Preparatory work

First, the poster or picture is measured. This will later become the clear or folding dimension of the wooden frame. Now place the wooden strip in the miter saw and cut off the strips to measure at a 45-degree angle. Note that you are cutting the bar the right way round. Therefore, always place the strip with the later inner side facing you in the drawer. If the wood is a little frayed, you can sand it down with a little sandpaper.

2. Glue the wooden frame

Place the strips for the wooden frame with the later front facing down on a scratch-resistant surface. Now the white glue is applied to the cut edges. Always both sides are coated with the glue.

Now attach the strips together and fix everything with the strap for wooden frames. This is equipped with four corner profiles, which are simply applied outside to the corners of the strips. Now you tension the belt with feeling and let the glue dry.

3. Stabilize the wooden frame more

Now place the four corners on the wooden frame at the back and tighten with wood screws and cordless screwdriver. Please note that you do not need to pre-drill with wood, but you have to pre-drill with special materials such as MDF, because otherwise it could blow up the strips. For more information, see Screwing MDF panels.

4. Theses

If the glue has hardened long enough, remove the straps now. Now only the bumps are checked and, if necessary, smoothed with sandpaper. It is now advisable to paint or varnish the wooden frame.

Then the cut to size glass or acrylic glass is inserted, then follows the poster or picture, finally the fiberboard. This is fixed with steel pins and the small hammer on the last.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to build a wooden frame yourself, because your old frame is defective, you can also repair it. Here's a guide to repairing a wooden frame.

Video Board: How to make a very simple wooden frame