Timber frame construction - can this construction be used for DIY?

Especially in America, the timber frame construction is still the most common construction method for single-family houses. Whether you can do a timber frame construction yourself, and where the problems lie, read in this post.

DIY in frame construction

The wooden frames are usually carried out exclusively by carpentry companies. For timber frame construction, numerous specifications and regulations apply, with which one must be absolutely familiar. A DIY is therefore virtually impossible. This has several reasons:

Statics and planning

In order to obtain a building permit, it is necessary to submit a professionally prepared plan including all the necessary structural calculations. In any case, you have to endeavor (and pay) for an architect.

Timber frame construction - can this construction be used for DIY?: frame

Massive studs

Unlike the US, we use a lot more massive stand and frameworks. This is already causing considerable problems for a DIY company to build such a massive framework.

Exact execution

The execution of the frame construction work must be very accurate, otherwise static problems can occur. The work itself requires a high level of expertise and experience.

If there are inaccuracies in the execution can also threaten thereafter, a variety of other problems in the house:

  • Mold
  • moisture problems
  • thermal bridges
  • leaks

Other trades

For the construction of a complete house in frame construction not only the expertise and skills of carpentry are needed. Until the completion of a house, numerous other trades are involved.


While an individual construction of a timber frame house together with individual planning is hardly feasible, there is certainly a possibility to realize such a project with a kit.

Some of the offered kits can be set up even with relatively few problems. The prices are even relatively cheap - for a so-called "kit house" they start at between 40,000 for a "development house" 70,000 EUR.

The so-called "development houses" leave the interior work to the buyer himself and at his own expense. Therefore, the prices are usually exactly in the middle between kit house and turnkey prefabricated house.


Examples of such expansion houses can be found on about blockhaus-24.de. The prices usually include the necessary preparatory work by the architect for the required permits. Some details on the development houses are freely designable. To what extent, however, varies from house to house and from provider to provider.

However, one has to calculate very precisely which jobs one can and do want to take over completely. If all the necessary finishing work is carried out by craft enterprises, the sum of the costs can ultimately be significantly higher than for a turnkey prefab house of the same type.

But if it's all about making things yourself, you'll certainly be pleased with kit and extension houses.

Tips & Tricks

Incidentally, extension and kit houses are not only available in wooden frame and wood frame construction. Kit houses are available in a variety of building materials, including lightweight concrete, expanded clay and similar building materials. Pure self-built houses can be found for example on bausatzhaus-mv.de or on fertighaus.de.

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