Time for the summer tires?

Time for the summer tires?: summer

I was especially fond of this spring.
I longingly wait to finally free my car of its winter tires, to him with the newly purchased, sleek summer tires to be able to equip. And if you can believe the weather service, the weekend after Easter can be used for it. This I usually associate with an annual "spring cleaning" - thorough interior and exterior cleaning with underbody washing, checking the engine oil, the windscreen wiper system, and the brakes.

But when I think of what you do not have to pay attention to. Since almost a private motor vehicle mechatronics is needed. Luckily, there are enough tips from the professional on the net.

A good tire must ensure a safe ride, brake reliably and last a long time. However, summer tires are not durable. When buying new, I recommend an extensive search on relevant test pages. When it comes to car you should not blindly buy new parts, but sufficient information.

If a new purchase is not necessary, it should be noted that car tires require some maintenance. When I think about how often I drive over one or the other curbside - this can lead to an imbalance every time. And this has a significant impact on safety and vehicle stability. In an interesting article I read about the balancing of vehicle tires, which shows that the balancing not only reduces wear on the tires but also on the chassis.

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