Timeless classic, roof tile beaver

Tile-roof tiles are a real classic on our roofs - from traditional buildings to modern architecture. What else there is to know about this classic under the roof tiles, where to get it and what roof tiles Biber can taste, read here in this post.

The typical shape is not always the same

The famous Biberschwanzform - oblong with a rounded end - is available in several variations. In some cases, the shapes already deviate visibly from the classic basic form - but the rounded end and a generally oblong shape are always clearly recognizable.

The most important and common beaver forms

  • round cut
  • Geradschnitz
  • Saxon beaver
  • tower beaver
  • South German beaver
  • Berlin beaver
  • wave beaver

In addition to the different shapes, the surfaces can also look very different - from smooth to roughened, engobed, wavy or even brushed or flamed. The classic color is natural red, but there are a variety of other colors.

Timeless classic, roof tile beaver: tile

Brilliant tones have become very popular again in recent years. Among the most frequently requested colors, in addition to the natural color, are mostly black ("Nero"), anthracite and chestnut.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • dachziegel.de: A well-assorted specialist shop that offers not only a large selection of different roof tiles but also a lot of useful information about materials, workmanship and roofing.
  • creaton.de: Even the manufacturer with a relatively well-known name has a lot of beaver tail roof tiles on offer
  • braas.de: A provider, which also leads several different types of Biberschwanz roof tiles.

Prices for roof tiles beaver

The prices vary depending on the type of brick and the surface treatment, but in some cases you can expect to spend around 0.50 EUR to 0.70 EUR per piece on cheaper, simpler models.

That way you can save costs

Price comparisons are worthwhile in this area in any case - but if you do not cover your own roof, you are always a little tied to the prices of your roofer. If you get the roof tiles yourself, you have a bit more room here.

Tips & Tricks

Always keep in mind that different roof tiles may also set different conditions for padding and batten distances. You should definitely consider this in advance.

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