Apply aluminum foil to the window - shut off heat

The next summer will surely come. Especially in the attic, the roof windows let a lot of sun in the rooms. But in midsummer, other rooms, which may point south, are quickly heated up by the windows. With aluminum foil on the window you can easily lock out a part of the sun.

Aluminum foil on the window - protect flowers

Anyone who has many ornamental plants by the window knows the problem. In summer, the leaves of the flowers burn downright. In addition, the plants alternately suffer from dryness and moisture through increased watering. In this case you do not have to completely darken the windows with aluminum foil. In most cases, a strip of aluminum foil is sufficient, stick it to the bottom of the pane.

Glue or staple

There are very different ways to attach the aluminum foil to a skylight or any other window. Mostly, crabbing is recommended. But the beauty of this material leaves much to be desired. The silver fabric adhesive tape looks a bit better. In addition, this tape holds much better and can be attached to a cleaner and safer.

However, many women know the right way, because with Haargel the aluminum foil keeps completely invisible. In addition, the hair gel can be washed off completely without leaving any residue. Hairspray keeps very well on small surfaces.

  • masking tape
  • silver fabric tape
  • hair gel
  • hair spray

Redesign blinds or curtains

Very simple thin blinds can be glued to the window side with a layer of aluminum foil. To do this, lay the rolled-out shade on a table and spray it with a little spray glue. Then lay the prepared sheets of aluminum foil and press them well. After drying, the roller blind can be rolled up as usual.

Sew rescue blanket

Fabric curtains can be combined well with the rescue blankets, which are actually intended for the first aid kit in the car. The emergency blankets are simply quilted on the window side of the curtains and keep much of the sun there. Above all, these curtains, unlike the glued variants, can easily be pushed aside.

Tips & Tricks

It does not necessarily have to be the boring aluminum foil from the kitchen hanging on your window. There are colorful craft tinfoils that you can use instead. Thus, the window covering can be adapted to the decor and style of the apartment. In addition, this colorful aluminum foil is usually a little more tear-resistant and does not wrinkle so much.

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