Tinker in the summer

Decoration for summer party: craft templates for flowers, ladybugs and other summery motifs

Tinker in the summer: German

The summer and its bright colors are inspiringTinker in the summer on. We have the right suggestions andBastelanleitungen put together for you.

ladybugand many other insects such as grasshoppers, ants, bees or wasps can be wonderfully colorful and creatively craft and attach as summer decorating on windows and doors.

WhileFensterbilder and other decorations to ensure a summery flair in the house, wearBlumenstecker, Garden signs and othersgarden decorations to the good mood in the garden.

It is also available at a cozypicnic or a party on a balmy summer night. Stylish decorations likelanternsandLampignons let the night become unforgettable.

Table of contents about summer decorations

  • Making summer animals and insects: ladybugs, bees and more
  • Summer in the garden: plant plugs, bed stones and more
  • Decoration for picnic and summer party
  • Summery decoration for windows and doors

Other craft projects for thesummer:

  • Tinker summer animals and insects
  • Summer in the garden: plant plugs, bed stones and more
  • Handicrafts with paper mache
  • Doing crafts on the beach and during the holidays
  • Wind turbines and wind chimes

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Butterfly craft templates

Butterflies are a popular motif for the summer decoration and so flutter colorful butterflies as a window picture, mobile or wall decoration through the living rooms. In this collection we have compiled templates and craft instructions for butterflies.

Crafting templates for butterflies

Make butterflies

Making summer animals and insects: ladybugs, bees and more

In the summer you can hear the chirping of the crickets and admire the bees, dragonflies and ladybugs on their flight over the summer meadows. We have put together a collection of links to craft instructions, so you can get the animals and beetles in the house. Tinker summer animals and insects

Summer in the garden: plant plugs, bed stones and more

In the summer, one likes to spend time in the garden, because nature shines in its most beautiful splendor. Nevertheless, one must not take it to emphasize the beauty of nature with flower plugs or bedsteads. Here are the appropriate crafting instructions: Summer in the garden: plant plugs, bedsteads and more

Decoration for picnic and summer party

Butterfly Lantern [PDF]

made of rainbow straw silk, construction paper and tracing paper.
at uhu.com

summer lantern

Make summer lantern with straw silk butterflies, cheese box and clay box yourself
at Bastelparadies

How do I fold a lantern?

Folding lantern made of translucent paper with folding and folding instructions
for crafts all year round

Beautiful lantern

Lantern made of PET bottle in maritime design
at Creadool

Lemon clay pot wind light

worked with napkin technique
at Creadoo

Clothespin Dragonflies

With plywood, wooden beads. Crafting instructions with craft sheet
at Kid's Action

Clothespin Grasshopper

With green scuba ribbons and white head pins
at Kid's Action

Table decoration Brace birds

Bastelanleitungen for colorful staple birds from clothespins.
at Kid's Action

Lantern flower

Windlight made with a flower made of plywood and a tealight in the middle
at Kid's Action

Lantern with pearls

Colorful transparent glass beads. Shaped as a shell and flowers
at Kid's Action

napkin holder

From colorful glass beads with green flower wire
at Kid's Action

Tanabata Lantern

Make lantern yourself for moon festival or festival of lights
at Labbé

Summer table lamp [PDF]

Decorate glass panes of a lantern with decoupage technique
at UHUSprache: German

Design lanterns

From glass vases with Japan silk in decoupage technique
at UHUSprache: German

Decorating paper lanterns [PDF]

Cover with satin ribbons, braids and baillettenblüten
at UHUSprache: German

Summer lanterns [PDF]

Transparent paper with potato print with summery motifs
at UHUSprache: German

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