Doing crafts on the beach and during the holidays

Doing crafts on the beach and during the holidays: paper

Making beach motifs: Building a lighthouse model

A day at the beach is a great experience for all ages. While the big ones bathe in the sun, enjoy the view of lighthouse and ships, or look for underwater fish, crabs, crabs and other marine life, the little ones play in the sand, build sandcastles and decorate them with flotsam like shells or pebbles.

The beach and the sea offer exciting motifs and varied materials for crafting: from the lighthouse on shell paintings to greeting cards. So it is never boring on the way and at home during the holidays.

Here you will find a collection of free crafting instructions on the Internet for summer crafts.

Other craft projects for thesummer holidays:

Tinker in the summer
Wind turbines and wind chimes
Build model airplanes
Build raft and watercraft
Handicrafts with paper mache

Tinker with shells, sand and stones

On vacation, children have time to explore their environment. They find many interesting materials, such as stones, sticks, shells and other interesting marine animals. Much of it can be processed into interesting collages. Tinker with shells, sand and stones

Sea animals - fish, crabs, dephines and more

Although much of the earth is covered by water, we know little about the seas and their inhabitants. There are many things to discover, eg. Tiny crabs, friendly dolphins or huge schools of fish. Making sea animals - fish, crabs, dolphins and more

Craft ideas for long-distance travel

Sometimes it takes forever for the longed-for vacation to come - and then it's way too fast. These crafts help to arouse the desire to travel to foreign countries and to process beautiful holiday memories to interesting souvenirs. Craft ideas for long-distance travel

Make lighthouse

Lighthouse with artwork

Illustrated manual with cut sheet printing template for a paper lighthouse on a paper plate.
at Christian Beads

Lighthouse made of cardboard pulp

Illustrated crafting instructions for a lighthouse from a toilet paper roll. Suitable for small children.
at play and child

Deco lighthouse with real fire

Illustrated instructions for a lavish lighthouse model made of plywood and plastic with rotating lighting.
at expli

Handicraft Fluegger Lighthouse

Craft sheet of the lighthouse of Fluegge on Fehmarn. Two craft sheets and a manual for assembling the parts.
at Fun Fabric

Make Lighthouse [PDF]

Detailed illustrated instructions for a lighthouse that glows in the dark. Made of plastic cups and tissue paper.
at Gecko Kinderzeitschrift

Lighthouse [PDF]

Make a lighthouse out of colorful cardboard - Instructions with craft templates as PDF
at eagle

Lighthouse replica

Illustrated instructions for a lavish lighthouse model as a garden model.
at wawerkoSprache: German

Lighthouse as a lantern

Construction manual for a model lighthouse as a decorative lantern. The cutting templates with design drawings are available as a free PDF download.
at Westfalia Versand

Decorative 4 'high lighthouse

Build a garden lighthouse with lighting - instructions for a functional replica of Cape Hatteras
at U build

Window picture "Lighthouse" made of paper

gives the apartment maritime flair and holiday mood
at Bastelideen

Picture frame with lighthouse

Picture frame made of plywood, glued with bird sand - template for printing
at Kid's Action

Tinker ships

Building instructions: Willow ship [PDF]

A willow ship for children made of willow wood. - Simple step-by-step guide with materials list
at Biological Station Ravensberg

Magnetic ships

from Styrofoam, wood, paper and thumbtacks make themselves in coloring page pictures
for coloring page pictures

Ship from Tetrapack [PDF]

Floatable boats made of big and small milk cartons
at UHUSprache: German

Craft ship [PDF]

A cruise ship empty making cartons and cardboard itself. - Illustrated step-by-step instructions as PDF
at UHUSprache: German

Cork ship

Crafts ship from corks - Detailed step-by-step construction manual

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