Tinker cars

Tinker cars: cars

Mercedes or BMW. The most famous car brands in the world are originally from Germany. It is the country of the car manufacturer. No wonder then, that small as well as big (and very big) guys love cars. In every form. What is closer than your own?dream car to tinker yourself?

Crafting materials can be found in every household.toilet paper rolls, Construction paper, Corks, woodand many other things can be used for car manufacturing. Whether big pick-up or small car, sleek sports car or huge truck:

We have a diverse collection ofcraft templatesandconstruction manuals compiled from the internet, so small and largeTinker cars can.

Table of contents about toy car making

  • Cars are making toys with children
  • Buy products on the topic on Amazon
  • Creative car ideas
  • Mousetrap Cars - Mousetrap cars
  • Car Bastelbögen

Creative ideas forChildren's toysyou can also find here:

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Cars are making toys with children

Car as a big wall puzzle

Crafting instructions for a large car as a painted cardboard wall puzzle
in this and the self made

Truck with trailer and wooden ladder [PDF]

Detailed instructions for a toy truck with trailer for DIY.
at Uhu.de

Toilet paper rolls cars

Illustrated manual for a painted toy car made of cardboard rolls
at Serene Designs

Tinker an old car

cool oldtimer fast tinker made of colored paper
at The Bastelparadies

Fire Engine

from Tetra Pak®
at Creadoo

chestnut Truck

as a fall decoration for the nursery. With chestnuts, acorns and branches
at small web

Racing car with driver

How to make a racing car with a cork driver
at Manton Cork

Small cars

from matchboxes
at Peppiclip


made of construction paper, corrugated paper and toilet paper rolls with stencils
with grandparents and grandchildren: German

Creative car ideas

Truck with trailer and wooden ladder [PDF]

Detailed instructions for a toy truck with trailer for DIY.
at Uhu.de

Cardboard car made of recycled material

Make a toy car from old cans and packaging.
at TLC Family

Simple garage for game cars

Crafting instructions for garage with movable garage door for toy cars
at Bastelelfe

Colorful carport with loft

Make a colorful carport for play cars made of poplar wood and screw together
at Bastelelfe


made of wood
at Betchalikeit

Rubber Band Car

Construction manual for a fast racing car made of rubber bands and cardboard
at eHow

Pumpkin Truck

Pumpkins made of pumpkins, built with illuminated "driver"
at instructables

Paper Clip Holder for Dad

Can for paper clips decorated with any inscription; Crafting instructions with wooden car.
at makingfriends.com

Construction of a Formula One car

Race car made of packaging, e.g. Milk cartons and crisps.
at Physics for Kids

Yellow car

from a Tetra Pak® packaging
at SolidWasteDistrict

Toy Sports Car

Rasenter sports car with spare tire and driver
at the Woodcrafter

Video Tutorial: Tinker Balloon Car

Mousetrap Cars - Mousetrap cars

A craft idea from the States, which is also becoming more popular with us: toy cars with a drive from a mousetrap. Here in mousetrap races the best hobbyists can be determined.

Building a simple mousetrap car [PDF]

PDF manual for a mouse trap car with improved handling characteristics thanks to a ball bearing. Extensively illustrated instructions with physical explanations.
at Gymnasium Rathenau

Mouse trap car

Instructions for a mousetrap car with CDs as wheels, balloons as tires and pins as axle. Illustrated crafting instructions.
at Instructables

Building a Better Mousetrap Car

Descriptions and architectural drawings for the construction of Mousetrap Cars. With educational notes for teachers.
at PBS

The Mousetrap Car [PDF]

Report on planning and implementation of a mouse trap car construction as a physics project.
at Physiktreff.de

How to Build a Mousetrap Car

Crafting instructions for a mousetrap car made of cardboard. An intuitive guide for beginners in many short video clips.
at wikihow

Mouse trap car

Step-by-step instructions
at GEOlinoSprache: German

Video tutorial: Build a mouse trap car (with 40m range)

Car Bastelbögen

With these free print templates, the paper-sheet car model only has to be cut out and put together. There are all popular models, from Ferrari to Trabbi.

Ford Convertible Cabriolet

a classic
at Canon

Fire Truck [PDF]

Colored craft sheet for a Feuerwrhrauto as PDF file for download
at fire department Bremen


you have to tinker
Free Papercraft Cars

DAF Trucks

11 different models
at DAFSprache: German

Trabi Crafting Sheet [PDF]

Trabant car make yourself in living gray and light blue
at herpa.de

Police VW bus

simply print, cut out, stick together
at chess police

Red car

for download in different sizes
at school pictures

Jeep MFS Part 1

for download in different sizes An exact guide
at school pictures

Jeep MFS Part 2

for download in different sizes An exact guide
at school pictures

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