Tinker with napkins

Napkin technique, folding napkins and printing

Tinker with napkins: German

Napkins are not only a nice meal with a beautiful table decoration. With napkins - whether made of fabric or pulp - you can also make very different things: lanterns, flowers, advent calendars and much more.

Napkin crafts often use napkin technology, where the topmost layer of a paper napkin is applied to an object using special glue. Napkin folding also offers a variety of design options and is often used for festive tables.

With the napkin technique and the many folding techniques there are hardly any limits to the imagination. Here we put together an inspiring selection of crafting ideas and crafting ideas for napkins. This makes tinkering with napkins a great pleasure.

Instructions Napkin Technique: Decorations in Napkin Technique

The napkin technique is versatile, because with it you can decorate almost all objects of everyday life. Picture frames, Spandosen, glasses and much more are in this way to unique pieces that you always like to look at or give away. Instructions Napkin Technique: Decorations in Napkin Technique

Lights in napkin technique

There are many ways to create lights. One of them is the tinkering of lanterns, tealight holders and lanterns using paper napkins, whose motifs can be chosen according to the season or the occasion. So always has the right decoration. Lanterns, tealight holders, lanterns and other lights in decoupage technique

Napkin technique on clay pots and other flower pots

Flower pot with napkin technique

Decorate a flowerpot with decoupage technique with this guide
at buttinette

Lantern for Christmas

brings atmospheric light
at Creadoo

Clay pot lanterns for Halloween

Break away flower pots to 1/3 and decorate with napkins or acrylic paint
at Creadoo

Flowery mother's day hearts

Build wooden heart with plywood flowerpot and fix with silver wire. Construction manual and tips for printing with napkin technology.
at Creadoo

Sound play with frog motif

Flower pot with napkin technique in light blue with frogs.
at Creadoo

Clay pot sound game for Halloween

Witch with napkin technique applied on rose pot, sound bars mounted underneath
at Creadoo

Clay pot pendant

tinker for the Christmas tree
at creadoo

Lemon clay pot wind light

worked with napkin technique
at Creadoo

Colorful Easter basket

Make Easter basket out of old clay pot and napkins and decorate the pot with decoupage technique.
at GEOlinoSprache: German

Flower pot baskets with mosaic [PDF]

Ornament with napkins and glass stones as crafting instructions for download.
at UHUSprache: German

Greeting cards frame with napkin technique

Tinker cards with napkin technique

How to make a card for Easter with decoupage and cardboard
at Expli

Card in napkin technique

with rhinestones and stars band
at KidsAction

Wedding card and lantern in one

Combined greeting card for the wedding with a lantern in South Sea optics. Instructions for the materials Clay board, tracing paper and napkins.
at Bastel-Elfe

Valentine's card in jungle look

Original Valentine's Day card with fur and coconut design made of corrugated cardboard and napkin technology.
at Bastelelfe

3D holiday card

with napkin technique
at Bastelelfe

Invitation cards with teddy bear

Tinker invitation card with teddy bear motif from old CDs with foam rubber, cardboard, napkins and cellulose.
at Bastelelfe

Easter card with bunny and chicks

With this beautiful Easter card with napkin technique (foil technique) you will send dear Easter greetings
at Bastelideen.info

Easter Card - Hatched Chick

Instructions for an Easter card with chick and egg. With tips for decoupage technology
at Bastelideen.info

Card for enrollment

Design a card with decoupage technique on colored cardboard or paper and decorate with a motif punch and stickers.
at Creadoo

Matching card and candle

Mother's day card decorated with napkin technique, wax plates and glitter.
at creadoo.com

Creative craft ideas with napkins

Decorate tray with napkin technique

Simple guide to designing a tablet with napkin technique - even as an original wall decoration
at Matilda's World Blog

Tinker paper bouquet

For Mother's Day, make a bouquet of tissue paper, pipe cleaners and pearls yourself - detailed instructions for crafting with photos.
at Activity village

Rose made of tissue paper

It's so easy to make a rose out of napkins or tissue paper and pipe cleaners as a Mother's Day gift.
at Activity Village

School bag with paper napkin collar

Video tutorial for a sweet candy bag with checkered paper napkin collar.
at YouTube

Shaking card with forest motif

Napkin and mat
at KidsAction


made from a napkin
at Mal-alt-werden

Little clowns

Making clowns out of clay pots, napkins and cotton wool. Instructions for funny carnival decoration.
at Fips' Bastelseiten

Tray with floral decor

Make a tablet with napkins, glossy foil and glass mica for the mother.
at bastel-elfe.de

Easter wind light made of wood

An Easter wind light with laminated wood and plywood frame. Transparent, laminated napkins provide the Easter flair.
at Bastelelfe

Coffee can as a picture frame

from coffee tin with window with napkins and embossing foil
at Bastelelfe

Footballer schoolbag 2

Crafting instructions for a soccer field made of crepe paper with a player made of laminated napkins.
at Bastelelfe

Decorated glass bowl

with flowers in napkin technique
at Bastelfrau

Easter Card - "Chicks for Easter"

Elaborate Easter card with hatching chicks made of corrugated cardboard, construction paper, motif napkin and feathers
at Bastelideen.info

Rose for the May heart

Folding instructions for a red rose from a napkin.
at the Bastelparadies

Angel figurine made of napkin

Crafting instructions for an angel from a paper napkin with wings made of glossy paper and hair from wool.
at Bastelparadies

Green 3D candle plate

Candle plate with butterflies on the edge - made of relief paste, napkins and miralight.
at creadoo

Birthday invitation on a paper plate

Illustrated instructions for original birthday invitations from paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery
at Creadoo

Napkins picture frame

depending on the used napkin creates a nostalgic look
at expli.de

napkins flower

fold large blooms from a napkin in layers. Simple craft project - suitable for toddlers and seniors
at Kiki's web

napkins garland

Make garlands from different napkins and wool threads
at Kiki's web

Colorful bookmarks

do it Yourself. A crafting guide
at kikisweb

Tinker different garlands

Handicraft instructions for pennant garland, chain garland, dragon tail garland, napkin garland and little paper slippers
at Kiki's web

Friendly spirits

make napkins easy decoration in no time
at Kiki's web

napkins garland

Last-minute idea for multicolored garlands of napkins
at kikisweb.de

Picture Frame

which is also decorated with napkins
at selbst-basteln.com

Three angels with napkin dresses [PDF]

Crafting instructions for three angel figures made of photo paper and tissue paper
at UHUSprache: German


from plastic bags, paper napkins and small photo film boxes
at WDRSprache: German

Fold lily out of napkins

How to fold a lily from napkins - Instructions for a noble table decoration
at wecarelife.at

folding napkins

Valentine's bouquet of paper

Crafting instructions for a paper bouquet with roses made of tissue paper.
at All Free Crafts

Hare for Easter breakfast

Illustrated instructions for folding Easter bunnies from colorful napkins. Beautiful table decoration for the Easter breakfast.
at Bastelparadies

A napkin pinwheel

Serviettendeko in wind wheel shape (non-functional) folding instructions
at children aktuell

Fold the envelope

Folding guide an origami envelope
at origami-art

Fold water lily, swan and peacock

Napkins fold for an unforgettable communion dinner. Detailed folding instructions for water lilies, swans or peacocks.
at Roter Ochs


A folding guide
at napkin-fold

Double Tafelspitz

A folding guide
at napkin-fold


A folding guide
at napkin-fold

Simple Tafelspitz

A folding guide
at napkin-fold

Easter Bunny

Easter bunnies from folded napkins as a table decoration.
at Tafeldeko

Fold origami paper flower

As a nice table decoration to fold also from napkins.
at WawerkoSprache: German

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