Tinker with cloth, washcloth and towel

Textiles have been made since the early days of humanity. They are available in many colors, shapes and structures - for example, as a smooth cotton fabric or fluffy terry cloth.

Tinkering with cloth, washcloth and towel is a great alternative to the usual paper or cardboard crafting. From this you can make pillows, cuddly toys, decorative garlands and much more.

We have put together the appropriate crafting instructions.

Tinker with cloth, washcloth and towel: Tinker

Crafting with fabric, washcloth and towel: pattern

Make finger puppets

Different felt finger puppets in animal form for the puppet theater tinker, z. B. as a chicken, rabbit or bat.
at: lets-rebuild.com

Sew book cover

With this simple sewing instruction even beginners sew a fancy cover for diaries and notebooks or folders of different fabrics.
at: lets-rebuild.com

Sewing school bag with butterflies

Sew a unique school bag made of colorful fabrics for girls or boys. Illustrated sewing instructions for a fabric school bag with butterflies - with ideas for boys' school bags.
at: lets-rebuild.com

Pattern for Star Singer Costumes [PDF]

Basic forms for medieval starfish costumes with material list, instructions and cut arch
at ad1099.in-bielefeld.info

Chihuahua Cloud

Extravagant coat for a small dog to sew on. Pattern for download.
at architecture for dogs

Sew cover for pouf or seat cushion

Free sewing patterns and sewing instructions for a pouffe cover. - Illustrated manual.
at buttinette

Little polar bear sewing instruction

Sewing instructions for a little polar bear made of jersey fabric as a cuddly toy. Illustrated manual with video and pattern.
at Ellie's Handmades

Wrap skirt [PDF]

Sewing instructions for a summer wrap skirt made of thin fabric as PDF to download
at farbenmix.de

Tinker autumn wreath

made of raffia and artificial garland. Suitable for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.
at interiordec.about.com

Mermaids Costume

Sewing and crafting instructions for a mermaid tail. This mermaid costume is only suitable for sedentary activities.
at mermaid.nunodoll.com

Build room divider yourself

Whether spanish wall or screen, with this construction manual you can easily build it yourself.
Do it yourself!

Cooking apron sewing instructions

Sewing instructions for a cooking apron with pattern sheet.
at pattern workshop

Colorful dress for toddler (6-12 months)

With this pattern and the instructions, you can sew a colorful dress for toddlers aged 6 to 12 months
at smashed peas and carrots

Sebastian Bear

Sewing instructions for a medium-sized mohair teddy. Pattern as a free PDF download.
at Teddies by Laura Lynn

Sew turkey from fabric

Instructions with tips for sewing a fabric turkey for the children's kitchen or as a decoration for Thanksgiving. The clubs are cut off thanks to Velcro with toy knife.
at Unpaid Leave

Doll's sofa with table made of boxes

Instructions for a doll's sofa with table made of matchboxes, fabric and wooden balls
at The Crafting Paradise

Canadian teddy bear

Sewing instructions with free pattern for a teddy bear in the Canadian style. (With pointed cap, red coat and snowshoes.)
at canadian living

Make doll sofa

So you make a small sofa for the dollhouse out of foam and fabric
at HyggeLig

Build the screen yourself

Instructions for a beautiful fabric covered screen with wooden frame
at The Silk

Sewing plush hamster

Simple sewing instructions for a hamster as a plush toy with pattern drawing.
at hamster info at theBrain.de

Sew guinea pig stuffed animal

Simple sewing instructions for a plush guinea pig with pattern drawing.
at guinea pigs Info at dieBrain.de

Wind chime elephant

Sew elephants as wind chimes - instructions with print templates and sample images.
at Drachenfliegerinnung

Dinosaur Costume

Costume instruction without sewing skills for a dinosaur to carnival
at eHow

Geese costume for children

Sewing instructions for a children's costume "Gitti von Gans" for size 74 and 86. Detailed instructions with patterns as a free PDF download.
at parent.de

Frog costume for children

Sewing instructions for a children's costume Frog "Quaker" for size 74 and 86. Detailed instructions with pattern as a free PDF download.
at parent.de

Dog costume for children

Sewing guide for a dog costume for toddlers size 74 and 86. Detailed instructions with pattern as a free PDF download.
at parent.de

Dragon costume for children

Sewing instructions for a dragon costume for children in size 74 and 86. Detailed instructions with patterns as a free PDF download.
at parent.de

Cat costume for children

Sewing instructions for a children's costume cat "Bubibatz" for size 74 and 86. Detailed instructions with pattern as a free PDF download.
at parent.de

Sewing instructions utensil [PDF]

Sewing instructions for a medium-sized, simple fabric utensil made of two different types of fabric. Illustrated instructions with pattern.
in color mix

E-book with sewing instructions for hobbyhorse

Sewing instructions for a hobby horse as a free e-book for download. Detailed, illustrated instructions with pattern. Very lovingly designed!
with Mrs. Scheiner


Sewing instructions for a felt utensil for hanging on the wall. The individual pocket segments can be stringed together with snaps. Pattern as a free PDF download.
at handmade culture

Simple pattern for bag

With this simple guide and pattern you sew a monochrome, modern cloth bag
at Herzbotschaft.de

Advent wreath with felt figures

Very detailed description for a colorful Advent wreath. Including free sewing pattern.
at Kreativlabor Berlin

Fabric gel as tree trailer

A bright fabric is printed on Freezer paper with angel motif and completed with the sewing machine to the Christmas tree pendant. The angel motif is available as a free download.
at Mirella Design

Octopus costume for babies

Instructions for a homemade squid costume for babies and toddlers from fabric.
at Parents

Utensilo as pen box [PDF]

Instructions for a small fabric silo that can be used as a bread box, pencil box or bathroom utensil silo.
at salon threading

Angel costume for girls

Sewing instructions for an angel costume for children. Instructions with pattern and tutorial.
Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Cloak for kids costume

Pattern for a cape, suitable for children's costumes like Batman or Robin Hood. Detailed illustrated sewing instructions with pattern template for printing
at the time of the accident and sewn up

Costume - damsel and elf

Pattern for a costume with wide sleeves for children or adults as a damsel or elf. (Also suitable for a angel costume with white fabric.) Detailed illustrated instructions.
at the time of the accident and sewn up

Sewing pattern for vest

Pattern and instructions for a vest in sizes S, M and L
when darned and sewn up

Basic shirt for women

How to sew a women's shirt yourself - Detailed sewing instructions and patterns for printing out the sizes S, M and L.
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Sew wellness pants yourself

Sewing instructions and patterns for a wellness pants or long sports pants for women
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Oversize shirt pattern

Sewing pattern and sewing instructions for an oversize shirt in sizes S / M / L / XL
at Verflixt & Zugenäht

Tinker magnets

Simple crafting guide for magnets with different designs of paper and fabric for individual magnetic walls.
at what own

Make a towel bunny

Illustrated instructions: fold bunnies out of towels.
at wikiHow

Breadbasket Utensil

Free cutting pattern for a large utensil sack with outer fabric and inner lining, which is e.g. can be used as a bread basket. Illustrated instructions and instruction video.
at heart message

Fall Wreath with Picks

Thanksgiving wreath with silk leaves and mini decorations
at Interior Decoration

Colorful Fall Wreath

From vine wreath, artificial garland, paper bow
at Interior Decoration


Basic cut and drawings for tunics from all over the world
at seegras.discordia.ch

Cloth wreath with hearts and stars

Wreath with stars and hearts sewn and lovingly stuffed
at Bastel Dich Blue

Space-saving children's house

Detailed instructions for a collapsible playhouse with built-in storage space shelf
at hardware store


Tinker garland with big pennants made of fabric - Simple crafting instructions for birthday decorations and shooting games
at Brigitte's

Sew bookmarks

An instruction
at brigitte

Pillow in piggy shape

Illustrated sewing instructions for cuddly pillows in pig-shaped

at Craftspassion

Leaf Stick Kids Crafts

Silk leaves on ice sticks as a gift decoration
at Crafty Noodle

Sewing Pattern Folder for Star Singer Costumes [PDF]

Great starfish costumes: material list, illustrated instructions and cut bow
at dka.at

Snowmen as a garland

Snowmen as Christmas decoration or wintry linen decoration for kites
with dragon fleas

Sewing game pillows

Stuffed pillows for children. To shake the motor skills.
at ehow.com

New lampshade

quickly and inexpensively crafted from an old lampshade
at Expli

County coat-cut templates

Basic forms for a cloak / cape, basic shapes as a drawing
at gewandungen.de

Handsome bookends

Instructions for a self-sewn bookshelf made of fabric
at guardian.co.uk

Make a box

made of gray cardboard and covered with fabric
at handwork house

Fabric sky: leafy roof in the hallway

Instructions for a self-made canopy in the hallway, with suspension illustration. Also suitable for indirect lighting.
at the house

Stitched fabric crown

Sewing instructions for a crown of fabric, illustrated instructions with cut template
at saint-dreikoenige.de

Santa Puppet

Santa's hand puppet from a towel
at imagitek.com

Apple Garland For Fall

Autumn garland of sewn apples from scraps of fabric: pictures instructions
at Instructables

Poinsettia made of fabric

Sewing decorative Christmas star from fabric. With photo of the pattern
at free-schnittmuster.de

Beanbags: fabric and filling

How should the substance be? Do you take wool or peas as a filling? Answers are there
at paradisi.de

Cuddly pillows for cold weather

Print cushions with textile paints. Instructions and motif template for autumn leaves
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Cloak to sew yourself

simple cape, easy to sew, instructions with schematic drawings
at schneidern-naehen.de


Craft a box made of gray cardboard, fabric or wood yourself and use it as a cigar box or gift box.
at Scrapper's Paradise

Veil or Veil and Circlet

Medieval veil with crown of ribbons and fabric.
at Virtue Ventures

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