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Tinker with glass: Tinker

TheTinker with glass is a popular hobby. First and foremost, the glass art called Tiffany, in which glass pieces are soldered with copper foil. With this technique you can make for example the extremely popular Tiffany window pictures or Tiffany lamps themselves.

But also jam jars or preserving jars can be designed creatively and imaginatively. So you can make a decorative tealight glass from it and also use the stained glass. If you prefer to make a glass mosaic, you will also find a large selection of glass stones in the trade.

There is a collection of creative ideas and free templates for crafting with glass.

Table of contents about crafting with glass

  • Table of contents about crafting with glass
  • Tiffany Glass
  • Tinker winter light yourself (video tutorial)
  • Tinker with glass

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Tiffany Glass


Tinker floral flower shaped butterfly with Tiffany glass
at Tessi's Bastelanleitungen

Colorful lantern

from a glass and translucent paper
at Bastelparadies

Tiffany angel made of glass

Instructions for a candle holder as angel figure made of Tiffany glass for advanced Tiffany hobbyists. Two motifs with candle or harp.
at Creadoo

Tiffany curtain

with goose motif
at Creadoo

Garden plug cock and chicken

Beetstecker from Tiffany glass in the form of cock and hen. With drawing template for printing.
at Creadoo

Tiffany mirror

with flowers and leaves
at Creadoo

garden lantern

Garden lantern for hanging from Tiffany glass
at Expli

wall clock

in the Tiffany style
at Glasdesign

Tiffany glass image

Detailed instructions
with heart of glass

Tiffany Wood lamp

How to build a Tiffany wood lamp yourself - instructions with sketches
at Philognosie

Tiffany lamp

Illustrated manual for the construction of a Tiffany lamp made of colored glass
with Carsten and Tina Meichsner's Homepage

Tiffany templates

Extensive collection of different motives
at Tiffany glass shop

Tinker winter light yourself (video tutorial)

Tinker with glass

Decorate glass in black-red-gold

Great crafting tip for designing glasses in the colors of the German national flag
at Kidsaction.de

5-minute jar of mason jar

Crafting instructions for a last-minute lantern to St. Martin from a mason jar, fairy lights, wire, decoration materials and gift ribbon.
at The woman in the house

Make romantic lantern from glasses yourself

Make romantic lanterns as a table decoration yourself, z. B. for bachelor parties or weddings
at kreativfieber

Glass greenhouse

Report with photos about the construction of a glass greenhouse
at samulat.de

Decorate vase with stained glass [PDF]

Detailed PDF guide to stained glass. So decorate beautiful vases
at Aduis.de

Advent calendar in glasses

Easy to implement upcyling idea for an advent calendar of screw-top jars. The glass covers are covered with figures and colored silver with metallic paint spray. The glasses are decorated with washi tape and stickers. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at Augusthimmel Blog

Windlight with shell motif [PDF]

Crafting instructions for a windlight with shell motif
at Idee-Shop.de

Stylish Advensgesteck with shining glasses

An atmospheric effect using old glasses and blackboard paint
at Love Notes

Lantern in a vase

decorated with Plaka varnish.
at pelikan-hobbywelt.de

Turkeys Lantern

Thanksgiving lantern in bird shape made of a jar, a wooden bead and tracing paper
at Simply Southern Mom

Magnet made of glass nuggets

and fabric scraps
at craft you blue


in napkin technology
at Bastelfrau

Decorated glass bowl

with flowers in napkin technique
at Bastelfrau


with glass nuggets
at Creadoo


Lanterns made of jam jar, decorated with glass nuggets and tissue paper
at Creadoo

Mosaic Tray

in shades of green with mosaic stones and glass nuggets
at Creadoo

Picture Frame

made of tiles and glass nuggets
at expli.de

wind light

made of jam jars and colorful tracing paper snippets
at kidsweb

Christmas lantern

Windlight make with glasses, hot glue and various Christmas spices
at games-Kinderpiele


make yourself from pine cones
at swaesche

Design lanterns

From glass vases with Japan silk in decoupage technique
at UHUSprache: German

Hanging lamp

Exceptional lamp made of preserving jars.
at WawerkoSprache: German

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