Tinker with mosaic stones

Tinker with mosaic stones: mosaic

For thousands of years, people have been using mosaic stones: floors, walls and pillars are designed with small colored stones, which in combination show beautiful ornamental patterns or important historical events.

The fascination for mosaic art has remained until today. Many have discovered mosaic design as a hobby and there is hardly anything that does not beautify and decorate with these stones. At theTinker with mosaic stones The old side table becomes a new jewel and the boring flowerpot becomes a real eye-catcher.

We've put together a collection of free templates and tutorials for mosaic work. Mosaic-crafting can start soon with these great ideas. Get started!

Table of contents about mosaic instructions

  • Make decorative pieces from mosaic stones
  • Creative crafting for children's birthday (video tutorial)
  • Furniture frame with mosaic stones
  • Garden decoration from mosaic stones
  • Buy books on the topic on Amazon

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Make decorative pieces from mosaic stones

Plexiglas ball

for a colorful fairy lights
at Bastel-Elfe

Mosaic Plate

in different sizes
at Bastel-Elfe

Mosaic pendant

crafting the wrong tesserae from Window Color
at Bastelfrau

Decorate the chip box

with mosaic stones
at Bastelideen

tin can

as flowerpot or pencil holder or...
at Bastelideen

Picture Frame

quickly embellished
at Bastelratgeber

Large mosaic picture frame

Mother's Day gift with photos and mosaic stones on a glass plate.
at Creadoo

Mosaic Tray

in shades of green with mosaic stones and glass nuggets
at Creadoo

Mosaic Owl

illustrated instructions
at Creadoo

Mosaic picture frame

Make picture frame with shells and mosaic stones - Illustrated instructions
at expli.de

Picture Frame

made of tiles and glass nuggets
at expli.de


in a new look
at gifts

Decorative mosaic

in a ball shape, as a frog or as a tea box
with Karins Lädsche

Mosaic picture frame

Instructions for a mosaic frame
at machen-machen-machen.de

Lantern [PDF]

in crackle mosaic technique
at OZ Verlag

Flower pot baskets with mosaic [PDF]

Ornament with napkins and glass stones as crafting instructions for download.
at UHUSprache: German

Creative crafting for children's birthday (video tutorial)

Furniture frame with mosaic stones

bathroom shelf

Stylish and modern - with aerated concrete slabs and stones as well as tiles or mosaics.
at baumarkt.de

coffee table

in a fresh design
at Bastel-Elfe

Small table for outside

small and round
at Brigitte

Round table

with sun motif
at Creadoo

Bathroom mirror

creatively designed
at Expli

Bathroom cabinet made of glass mosaic

Building instructions for a bathroom cabinet made of shelves, which is covered with glass mosaic.
at the house

garden table

Instructions for a garden table with mosaic of a table frame, plywood and small mosaic tiles
at My beautiful garden

Garden decoration from mosaic stones

Bird bath with mosaic stones

Illustrated instructions for a potion with tiles and glass stones on ceramic coasters.
at gaertnerblog.de

Marguerite Ball

from an old bowling ball
at Chunks of Glass


artfully designed with mosaic stones
at Creadoo

Big flowerpot

a fun for the whole family
at Creadoo


from a polystyrene ball
at Expli

Mosaic stepping stones

Building instructions for stepping stones for the concrete garden. With mosaic ornaments.
at the house

Mosaic walkway

Cast a walkway for the concrete garden and decorate it with mosaic stones. Illustrated step-by-step instructions.
at the house

Mosaic flower pots

Instructions for decorating terracotta flower pots with mosaic stones as old tiles and patterned glass mosaic stones.
at the house

Mosaic Gecko

made of a stone, plaster and mosaic stones. An instruction.
at Creadoo

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